The music t(r)ee

  • by irantzu
  • posted Aug 03, 2012

Watch this

looks cool but I think the guitar should be centered. If you have a moment would you please critique my design? Thanks! Storm in a cup of tea  


I've centered the guitar as suggested, what do you think?

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I think this is a beautiful design. Right now the only thing I struggle with is its placement on the shirt. It's not quite a central shirt design, and it's not quite an all-over design. It looks like it really wants to be an all over design, but the neck gets in the way and the tree just ends rather unnaturally there. I would love to see the tippy top of the design embrace the shirt shape more, or to have the design made a little smaller so the top of the tree doesn't look cut off by the neck hole.


I agree with silverhare, the branches can extend a lot wider (particularly on the left side, to make both sides even) or make it smaller so the top is not cut off by the neck. Either way works. Personally, I think the branches should extend, It's a spectacular design.

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I have expanded the branches not to have that weird effect on the neck side, what's your opinion?


I love it! I think you're ready to submit!


It's ready! :D


I think it looks good but why the bend on the neck. That keeps it from flowing as well as it would without it.


I think if you remove or work more on the guitar it's be better. but love your job.


I agree, if I didn't read the title I'm not sure if i would know its a tree...keep up the good work though...


Love the idea! I agree about working on the guitar, however... maybe giving it a bit of detail in the lower half?

silverhare profile pic Alumni

I agree with some of the above comments that, enlarged like this, it loses some of its tree-ness. This is likely an annoying suggestion, but you might try leaving it at a smaller size to let the tree-ness shine, and extending some of the tendrily branches at the ends to take care of the shoulder thing. I am not sure how I feel about adding detail to the guitar. Maybe very minimal suggestions of details.


I like how it wrap around the arms. The placement is good. I would just make the guitar at the bottom thinner.

Thanks for the feedback.


As some people already said I think you should make the guitar thinner and maybe the neck longer, and make the tree follow directly on it without the bend. Personally I like the size of the tree in v2 better, if you would make the right side a bit smaller so it has the same shape as the left side

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top half is so awesome

the bottom half looks very simple that do not support the supper nice work on the top

i would say to change instrument

use an harp for example or an instrument that is not so common as the guitar

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