Radiomode: The Banksy of shirt designs?

I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks that Radiomode is the Banksy when it comes to shirt design. Does anyone of you have even seen Budi on pictures? I'm not trying to invade privacy here but I'm really curious how a very well known person don't want to get be identified like Banksy. Any opinions? Thanks.

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Artistically, I have always thought Laser Bread is the Banksy of shirt/graphic design, because he uses so many nontraditional methods and ways to create art, and uses his environment around him as well if not better than Banksy's pieces.

But yes, Radiomode is Bansky if that's what you were getting at.

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I'm tryng to get my head around this, are you saying that Radiomode is like banksy because he's talented and doesn't reveal his name? I just googled it and his name is Budi Satria Kwan, at least thats what his website would lead me to believe... check it out!

melanies felony

Or am I off and is Budi Satria Kwan not a name but a phrase in another language- I really wouldn't know.

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What I'm trying to point out is, from the tons of prints that Radiomode have, I believe there isn't any photo of him, that makes him very mysterious like Banksy, who, until now, no one knows how he looks aside from his family and closest friends. And yes, Biotwist and Dryki, I'm a big fan of Radiomode.

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