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This is a new design I'm working on, would love to hear your commentsrnrnPlease support my other design by scoring Roman Dragrace


very nice~!! I think it's a bit difficult to know its beard or eyebrow, how about add eyes? :-)


It's a moustache (based on the real jimi hendrix) but it was my intention not to add eyes, mouth, nose... because the hand and guitar are the most important parts


Good. eyebrows? It's a moustache. Great!


oh and i scored you a five on that last one


Awesome, I just think Jimmy used brighter more colorful bandanas, and maybe a scarf too....

and... vote for my robot please please please flower power


Thanks for the feedback, I am still working on it to improve shades and need to look at the coloring of different elements.

@mattmayhem: maybe that could work if you place the skull onto a sexy woman's body...

I supported your designs, and could use some on my other design Roman Dragrace

Sam Magee

Maybe more line variation? Like a thicker line around the outside of the hand and hair?


haha sweet


a bit weird but cool. Love it! If you have a moment would you please critique my design? Thanks! Storm in a cup of tea  


cool idea. i like it


Great image and I would say you ought to submit it. Good luck with it! Thanks for looking up my image 'Close to Heaven...' on the critique section , but should I submit or not? You forgot to indicate. Thanks. Zeal.


Great image and I would say you ought to submit it. Good luck with it! Thanks for looking up my image 'Close to Heaven...' on the critique section , but should I submit or not? You forgot to indicate. Thanks. Zeal.


Hi all,

I have been busy with other stuff lately and had some computer problems but I have started working on this again. Main change is the coloring to meet the max rule of 8 colors

Any further remarks/improvements I could make?

sirdiddymus profile pic Alumni

Cool. Only suggestion would be thicker outlines on the character so that it matches the outlines of the speakers.

If you have a sec, please check out my design and let me know if there is anything I can do to improve it: I Zombie Apocalypse NY



Great concept!! My only suggestion would be to include his outfit and maybe use some of those "Jimi Hendrix Experience" psychedelic colors.


Thx, I'll look into the shading and thicker lines. About the psychedelic colors: I would like to do that but I already have 8 colors, so I'm not sure how I could add more


So I changed the thickness of the lines... What do you think?


i think it is cool but in your graphic I wouldn't let the shirt show through the speakers. It takes away from the design.

Please go vote and comment on my submission: wonderful


Do you mean on the tee itself or in my presentation (the front drawing)?


I mean the presentation.


Check the right speaker, the lines are out of the "box".


Thanks for pointing that out! I've fixed that.

Any other suggestions to really improve it further or is it good to go?


I'd say good to go! Best of luck :)


Love the concept. If anything, I would maybe worry about the guitar strings being too thin (might not print properly). Other than that, I'd say good to go.


Like it. I'd submit.

Ru Chery

hahaha I think this awesome! Great concept and design! Keep me posted on when your design is up for scoring. Best of luck to you!!!

p.s My design is up for scoring!! If you have a moment please score my design, "earth's bight idea". I would really appreciate it. After you're done scoring feel free to leave a comment on the submission page if you like. Thank you so much.



Great! Have you thought about submitting it to the Sony challenge?


Hahaha this is genius!! I'd say it's good to go, the only thing is maybe the lines on the guitar are a bit too thin for printing but the design is going to be pretty big on the tee, so it'll probably be fine.

p.s. my design is up with hopefully the last version before submitting. If you have time feel free to have look and tell me what you think, I would greatly appreciate it :) http://www.threadless.com/critique/109431/I_m_a_Cereal_Killer


I corrected some details and solved the problem with the amps that was pointed out. I also tried to improve the presentation. I considered a vest but I want to keep the focus on the hand and the guitar.

Thx for the comments, I voted for your designs :)


Haha this is cool and very funny! The presentation has really helped this along but I can't help but think the colours in the background might work for the tee! Just a thought and something to try maybe :)


hi, thank you for your comment on my Tea incontinence design. I agree with you! About your design I love it since the first version. about the final version I don't have any suggestion (it's really Threadless!!) but try with different t-shirt colors. for example a textured purple background (let me say:purple haze!) could be nice


The presentation totally rocks! I agree with jamesnotjim, the colors you used in the background would look stunning on a tee. Anyway I think the big part of the work is done... time for submitting!

p.s.: A new version of my design is up for comments! If you have time, feel free to drop by and tell me what you think, I would greatly appreciate it. Cereal Killer


Following your comments I added some more color and put the design on a yellow tee What do you think?


Yellow is better, but I think that the graphic in background is not neccessary 'cause your design has a nice idea.

If you have a minute: Colorful Medley


I love this, jimi would be proud i think if he saw this.... Just saying..

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