What an Obelisk

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Not really sure of what to add or change? Open to any and all suggestions. I have other artwork that is very similar in style so I feel that I could easily incorporate other designs. Thank You!


change the color of the shirt.make a morespecial color..turquoise or something like that.nice design anyway!


Remainds me a little to Moebius work just love it! If you can add a little color woul be great because looks a little dull. AWESOME illustration good luck :)


Wow this is awesome, very detailed and interesting illustration. I think you should add in some colour highlights to lift the drawing a bit, it's looking very grey and the tee colour doesn't suit. I can see eyes and spawn/eggs of some sort, try highlighting those!

Would you mind looking at some of my Critiques?


great work, maybe a bit complicated for the print over the neck, also consider a better shirt color... black? gray maybe?


Thanks for the advice everyone. I really appreciate the feedback and I'll be editing a new version soon with color and other changes.

Any suggestions on the coloring ? I know some of you said to color certain parts but I'm open to any creative ideas!

I'll check out your submissions as well! Thank you!


Ya I totally agree. There's a part of the drawing that resembles a heart so I was gunna color that res but it looles tacky. I was thinking earth tones, possibly like dark greens and browns. Maybe with some yellow highlights?


I'm thinking murky/earthy colours too, like dirty yellow and greens for the eyes and those egg/spawn things. The heart could be more fleshy tones, doesn't have to be pure red. I think you'll figure out the colour of the tee depends on which colours you use on the drawing, but black would look cool.

Thanks for leaving feedback on my design by the way.


This is my attempt at color. I don't really know how i would go about actually coloring the design its self but I dig this version!. Lemme know!


So I'm looking at the new design and I really don't know how I feel about it. I think it's cool but maybe too much.

I'm so afraid to start working on the actual drawing and trying to color it! Everything looks really flat unless I color the whole object. I guess I could color parts of it and then put it on a white or black T. Any colored T will take away from the idea


The first one looked pretty cool man, I think it just needed a thicker contour line..

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New idea, i like this one the most. I think ill submit real soon here. Let me know what you all think. I added a part of another drawing in there, thought it went well and helped to add some color.


I think your v2 is the my favorite, the drawing is very mysterious and has alot of potential, try adding some color to it, or maybe just adding high and low lights to make it even better!


My submissions keep getting denied so here's another shot! Lemme know why you think it keeps getting denied


i like it on the brown. this one is my favorite. the second and third were too flashy.


Thanks for the feedback guys! So I'm wondering if maybe I should change the title? I like the title, What An Obelisk because it's hard to tell exactly what the image is and it's sort of a play on words since it could also be , Whats An Obelisk. Maybe my gif image isn't catchy enough? I have no clue! Please let me know what your creative ideas are!

I will say though, coloring the image at will be very hard since I would need a certain color scheme and have all the colors work well with the T color and or the BG color. I'm gunna keep tryin! Thank you all.

Ps, check out my other T idea titled Alice!


I think it's awesome! I did have to google obelisk though. Regardless, of the name, the design is great! I like the way you have it arranged on the shirt. Couldn't tell why it keep getting denied, as I have only entered one design so far, and it was denied. I wish I could get specific reasons from the threadless crew. Good luck!!


Hi, I really like this design. Your newest version is amazing. The white on black looks the best to me. I'm struggling to see why its not been accepted though. I really like the layout as well so I'm lost why it's not being accepted! Maybe you should try and changed the title?

Please could you rate my design. Thanks.


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