Any Ideas?

Not quite sure how to go about this. I submitted a design similar to this earlier this week and it was denied. I want to put this idea in the critique section but I don't know if I'm doing that right or not? Any help would be much appreciated.

Watch this

This idea? It's there all right :) It looks well drawn but I sure have no idea what it is, or what the title means, if anything. Not necessarily bad per se but these tend to be issues with the crowd here. Also highly detailed illos should be displayed as close-up as possible.


Thanks for the feedback! The drawing is sort of more theme based rather than of an actual object. The theme being an organic blob/tower thing made up of organs and fauna and other materials. I guess the title doesn't make much sense though, your right lol. What do you think would be a good title? and if you have some time check out the updated version! thanks!

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