I missed my 7th threadversary! :o

Hi guys.

Let's have some cake.

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happy threadless anniversary!

jet approves

thanks, randy! when are you going to come visit portland?


woooohooooooo for yooooouuuu!!!!

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got my heartbeat runnin' away beatin' like a drum, and it's comin' your way can you hear that boom ba da ba boom ba da da way super bass

~~~~Happy 7~~~~


All the cool kids are turning 7 this year... Happy threadversary :)

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dang hap 7

jet approves

thanks, y'all. what's new with all of you?

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hello and welcome!

jet approves

portland is awesomesauce. i'm really liking it. might even potentially be employed soon.

thanks spacemitch, everything is so new and overwhelming. glad you are here on the welcome wagon.


on no you dint

well i guess you did already

happy cake for you

spacesick profile pic Alumni

oh no.

I'm allergic to wagons ; - ;

jet approves

huzzah! i just got a job offer! :) threadless meetup 2013 here i come! :p


WOW!!! Happy 7th, Baby!!!!

Also, congrats on the job!!

Also, also: was chatting with Priscilla & Brian and we're thinking epic Portland meet-up mid-November. It's a ways off, but the city needs proper time to prepare and brew me enough beer.

the czar

Wait, you moved to Portland OR or ME? I'm outta the loop. Happy 7th?

jet approves

sounds awesome, jen. i'll alert some places in preparation of your arrival. what other fun stuff should we do?

becca, it's an administrative assistant job at an accounting firm. the people are super warm and friendly and it seems like it'll be a really nice place to work. it's also really convenient for me to get to and they're going through some changes that i'll get to help out with.

paul, i'm in oregon. west coast now!

the czar

Wow awesome! How are you liking it there?

jet approves

i really like it. so much more to do than in western mass or rural vermont. good food, good music, friendly people--what else do you need?

the czar

And much less snow I'd guess lol. Glad it is working out


Oh my glob I missed mine too!

I miss you!


Ha! I do administrative shizz (receptionist) at an accounting firm, too! Awesome!

I would love to go to Edgefield, if possible. Love that place! Jimmy Mak's for jazz or music elsewhere is always fun, too :)


Okay Jeanette. I'm moving to whereever you are, and crashing on your couch until I too get a jorb. Be rid of any cats you may have. Please and thank you mewmew.

jet approves

yes, i am not a fan of extremes in general, especially in weather. no more killer heat or terrible cold and snow.

i miss you too, kayce!

jet approves

cool, jen! performs secret handshake. i haven't been to edgefield before, will have to check it out!

we are a cat free establishment, kayce. though, my new job does have an office cat so i'm going to have to take double allergy meds every day but i can deal with that.

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thats ok, i missed my 5th...and also my 6th. and the smart money says i'll miss my 7th. what a slacker.


OMG we are def going then! That place is magical. You can drink wine, beer, eat, play pool, smoke cigars, see live music and enjoy beautiful landscaping. Oh and they have an inn so you can crash there for the night, even :)


What the LIZZZZZZ???!!!

jet approves

a LIZ sighting! where have you been?

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i was thinking to myself 'you know what i haven't done lately? Slather myself in jam and run into a garage full of raccoons'.

then i went on threadless because i was out of jam.

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hey, i remember liz. she was that girl from that place.

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Aww, mine was on the First of the month, you're an oldy too!


blooody hell a LIZ sighting! she comes outta nowhere!


wait, who's jen? Jen?? JEN!!!

Boy, the things you learn on them blurgs!

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