spawnmaster 2000

This is an old thing I started (roughlyforeverago), that I'm trying to get around to finishing.


Watch this
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haha this is great, brett


I think taking off the bottom banner is a good idea. But it's a great goncep and it's well executed :)


Oops I meant concept. What the hell is a goncep, autocorrect?

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At work I can't see any flickr-ish picture posting, so the name of this blog was oh so tantalizing last night. hahaha, glad to finally see the blog name did not lie about the hilarity contained within :)

There's a bunch of funny ideas in the banner parts that you might wanna retain, just use elsewhere in the piece. Like, have the chart's sign read "More Roe Than You Can BEAR Or Your Money Back", with BEAR being in the same Grizzly DARE style of the banner. In fact, the chart kinda looks like a bear claw....mmm, delicious bear claws.

What were we talking about? Ah yes, font color choices. The bolded white words in between the black type kind of melt into the brighter minty background, which I feel weakens instead of punctuates the words. Maybe replace it with something that better contrasts the shirt color?

Oh, and even if you take a sledgehammer to the banner below, you gotta keep "expect delivery in 2-3 weeks, or half your lifespan, which is shorter."on the bottom of the design, that might be my favorite part :)

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