Need your support thinking positively please

I know i have been away too many months, but all has been busy down here.
Since saturday my great aunt is in the E.R. she had a stroke today and things are not going well. I am a firm believer in the power of good thoughts. And this is gonna sound really hard for some.
For all that my great aunt has gone through, the best thing for her not to suffer for months or years would be to pass away. I don´t want to see her frail or not knowing what´s going on with the world. We are literally 11 people on my family so seeing any member (and as close as she is) suffer fucking breaks our heart.
I need your good thoughts friends.

Thanks you

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*Thank you


i think your compassion is beautiful alvarejo. imo, many people would rather have their rrelative suffer longer so that they could live with them longer but that's selfish. i'm sending my best harmony your way.

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loves. hugs.

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good vibes your way, bro.

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Sending good thoughts your way!

L-M-N-O-P profile pic Alumni

Count me in, bud.

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Wow dude. All my thoughts and prayers will be sent to your ant and your family!

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That's a good way of thinking, you want what is best for her not what is best for everyone else. Sending good thoughts to you and your family to get through this and stay strong.

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I was just thinking about you this weekend and was going to email you this week to see where the heck you have been. I am very sorry to hear about your aunt. I hope she does not suffer one way or another.

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thanks friends

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Stay strong bro!


Hola Álvaro, soy nuevo aquí y la verdad al leer esto, yo que también soy creyente, se me parte el alma porque se lo que significa, pero si me permites, quiero decirte que como tu bien dices, hay que sacar pensamientos positivos. Nunca es fácil decir adiós a un ser querido pero hay que aceptar el final, y saber continuar pese al dolor de nuestro corazón. Por cada adiós hay un vacio, pero ese vacio lo cura el tiempo y se convierte, si se ha querido de verdad, en recuerdos que se rememoran como si se viviesen de verdad. Seguro pasará el tiempo y en las reuniones familiares contaréis anécdotas de ella y en ese momento será como si viviese por unos momentos dentro de cada uno de vosotros. Fuerza amigo, y piensa que esto es parte de la vida. Disculpa si me he puesto pedante, pero se por lo que estás pasando. Yo estoy en algo parecido y quiero creer que todo pasará. Abrazo!


Acabo de releer y me he dado cuenta de que he escrito como si ya hubiese ocurrido una fatalidad... simplemente queria expresarte que estés preparado por si ocurre y lo enfoques como parte de la vida. Abrazo!

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muchas gracias por tus palabras, de verdad.

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Fuerza Alvaro! Un abrazo


Scotty was just asking about you the other day! We are sending our good thoughts and love to you & your family. As someone whose father has been suffering from a number of life-threatening ailments for many years now, I can relate to your situation and understand your unselfish wishes of not wanting to see your Aunt in pain or misery. You are one of the good ones, my friend! XOXO

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lots of love and good vibes to your whole family. I totally understand your views, and I hope the best happens for all of you. Be strong, hang on, and know that your friends are with you always. Un abrazo muy fuerte.


Alvaro, me animé a entrar en threadless después de una charla tuya en el duoc de Viña. Esto me ha ayudado mucho a seguir desarrollando mi creatividad un tanto dormida. Espero que todo vaya bien para ti y tu familia, aunque un poco atrasados mis pensamientos y energias van dirigidos a ti y a los tuyos...

lukis cindera w

wow, it is look good, i still learning to can design..

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Definitely good thoughts coming your way. My mother in law had a stroke a year and a half ago and it can definitely be challenging. However, she is recovering and getting more and more back to normal every day. I hope for the same thing for your great aunt and your family. All the best.

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