What size is the best for design in Photoshop, Gimp....

Hi all!!... pls help me about the size for create the design for t-shirt .... what size do you use when create a new design? .... thanks all !!:D

Watch this

The final design size on the printed tee, at 150 dpi at least, preferably 300.


yes 300 dpi... but what about the pix?... for example 2000x2000? 1500x 1800?... thanks XD


If you set the size in cm or inches and the dpi, it will calculate the pixel size for you!

For instance: a 20x30cm / 300 dpi image = 2362x3543 px. The same at 150 dpi = 1181x1772 px.

If you decide to set the size in px instead, you can forget the dpi since the px size is the only real size for an image. 20x30cm / 300 dpi = 200x300cm / 30 dpi = 2x3cm / 3000 dpi = 40x60cm / 150 dpi = same pixel size = same information = same detail in all these settings, see?

Say that 1200x1800 px is the lower limit, 2000x3000 is ok unless oversize print, etc.

The larger the size, the more margin you'll have for a a larger print than initially planned, and also the more potential for non-textile prints (usually 300 dpi).


2000x3000 is ok as in just ok, not as in comfortable!

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xiv on Jul 30 '12 at 1:03pm As big as possible.

The bigger the better.



7000 X 10000px


I wonder what a multi-layered psd at that size would weigh XD


Man that's 60x85cm / 300 dpi!

Whaddya need that for?

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I wonder what a multi-layered psd at that size would weigh XD

one of my designs is 12000 x 9500 @ 300 its under 400mb


There was a time when my aging pc could handle that, but it's far beyond reason now ;_;

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