Stone Fire Pit|A Picture of a Lifestyle

Designing a Stone Fire Pit

When you design a stone fire pit, you need to picture a lifestyle. Imagine spending quality time with a loved one or friends you have gathered around your backyard. These get-together gatherings are so precious and memorable or significant to one’s life. Spending times like this can happen in an outdoor settings if that outdoor is meant to be in your backyard.

Even certain times of the year, when a night out could be very cold , a stone fire pit built will come out handy. It is a bit more stylish and relaxing as you are enjoying it in the comfort of your own home. The stone fire pit will provide the much required heat to warm you, your loved ones and your friends to warm fire treatment they deserve while enjoying an outdoor mood with just the right amount of lighting to soothe and stimulate pleasant conversations and great hangouts.

Yes, the concept of building a stone fire pit in your home is great but can one really afford it? This price constraint makes people uneasy but there is a sure fire way of doing it your own. Yes, a do-it-yourself stone fire pit project may be a smart decision of designing your own. So how do you do it?
First, check your local community or civic center if you are allowed to build a stone fire pit in your own backyard as other neighborhoods discourage this idea. When no one objects to your idea, this is where the fun begins.

Carefully select a good spot that will be suitable to accommodate your stone fire pit. The spot should be away from anything that may easily burn such as tree branches.
You need to visualize to create a wider space that will surround the stone fire pit itself, like seats or benches as people will be gathering around it.

Locate the focal point or center of the space for your stone fire pit. You need to mark it with a stake – from some wood or something. Once you have found the focal point, measure your exterior edge by taking a string, tying it to the end of the stake and stretching the string out in a circular fashion. Blotch this area with chalk or flour. You can also dig into the grass or clear the circle of the area from grass or any obstruction. You have just created and measured the exterior edge of your stone fire pit.

Next, while still using the center of the widest circle, shorten the string by about one foot and create another circle inside the first external circle. This will be markings of the thickness of your stone fire pit.
You are now set to mix and pour concrete into the flattened area, making sure that the concrete can cover about an inch and half high from the ground level. You need to add rebar pieces to secure and support the base. Let the concrete dry.

Once the base of your stone fire pit is set up, you are now ready to add decorative stone blocks around it and you are good to go!

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