Submission Tips

I'm fairly new to Threadless and I have a question pertaining to submission "rules" and would be grateful for any feedback and/or suggestions and.. stuff.

So, I adventured throughout this site (and also Google) in hopes of finding out whether or not a Threadless submission can include brand names. However, I haven't found any detailed answers so far. For example, would it be acceptable to show that a pair of shoes on a character are specifically Vans or would it be okay to show a character specifically eating a bowl of Frosted Flakes?

Otherwise, would it just be better to give the impression that the character is wearing Vans or eating Frosted Flakes, without actually including the brand names? Would I have to rename the brands, like, Hans shoes or Brosted Blakes?

Apparently it is okay to submit copyrighted characters, like Mario and Charlie Brown, but I haven't really noticed any printed designs with obvious brand NAMES included. Tis why I am confused.

Thank you in advance for any feedback! n_n

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