WIP - Time Ticks Me Off Collab

This blog is to help with the collaboration process of Wylie's slogan to design.

Please click on the link below to see the progress:

Time Ticks Me Off Critique


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Thomas Orrow
Thomas Orrow profile pic Alumni

I love the cartoon, hate the text though.

How about a scrawly hand made font to convey the anger? Thanks for your e-mail btw.

mavericktiger profile pic Alumni

I'm glad you like the cartoon.

I'm sorry you hate the text. I used that style text, because I wanted it to look like the readout on a digital watch.

Not sure what you mean my hand made though. If you mean the text looks too structured, that's what I was going for. If you mean it looks like I used a pre-existing font, then you'd be incorrect. I actually made each of those letters by copying a gray/empty block and filling in the appropriate hashes with black each time.

I'm going to finish coloring the design before I try changing up the text. But I may offer a 2nd text option, and see which everyone likes.

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Also... The design looks pixelated do to me shrinking it down for the blog... I may create a critique instead, so people can see it without pixelation issues.


Like what you did so far. Critique might help. I have voted on thousands of designs but have no art skills. Wish I could help. When you get it up for a vote, let me know.

mavericktiger profile pic Alumni

Thanks for your interest wordcologne. I just created critique entry. See blog above

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