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Need Help With The T-Shirt Template!

I am wanting to make a submission to threadless, but I can't seem to make the t-shirt template work the way I want it to.

I can open it in gimp, but I can't figure out how to change the shirt's color. I would prefer to open it in Inkscape, but it doesn't recognize the psd file type.

I would really appreciate some advice on how to fix the above problems, or a recommendation of a different editing or drawing program that is commonly used for thread less submissions.


Watch this

Only the full version of Photoshop can open the 'layer groups' in that file (I was wondering if Gimp could, apparently not).

Your options: - find a good soul who would open it for you in PS and un-group the layers; - get PS; - make your own tee photo and template in gimp; - make a quick pencil sketch of the placement info; - use the model photos instead (more lively than the flat tee template anyway).

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Is there something called 'multiply' as a layers option in gimp? If so, merge your design with what ever color you want the shirt to be, then set that layer to 'multiply'. It should then look like the design is printed on the actual shirt.

Get yourself a copy of Photoshop.


Thanks for the advice! No, there is no multiply option for layers in gimp. I found a friend who has Photoshop, and can help me make a template, so I think I will just do that. A unique template would look better anyways.


there is no multiply option for layers in gimp Yes, there is (it is used in this tuto, see step 24 near the end).


Oh. Opps! Thanks for correcting me! I have a hard time finding things often.


I am new and it frustrates me to the point of tears but i dont know anything about this stuff. And the tutorials for it only seem to be useful to people who already know the basics. I have a image i scanned in as a PDF (?) and i clicked on the t templates so it downloaded on my comp but it wont open. Is there a specific program i need to be useing to open it? I cant figure this out at all. All i know is i have an image i want to upload but from there it seems to be riddiculesly impossible. Im so frustrated. Did anyone figure it out?

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