Can you fill in this Threadless designer 3 minute survey? It's for my thesis

Hey guys and girls,

I'm writing this email because I'd love to call upon the Threadless love for creation. I need you guys to help me with a study that I'm conducting on Threadless Designers. It's just a very short survey!
(I'm currently a master student at RSM, Erasmus University).

I hope you can help me out, it won't take more than 3 minutes, promise!
Here's the link:

Also, I would appreciate it if you share it with your other THreadless designers friends!
Take care guys and girls, and after my study is finished I'm going to post my results here.
Spoiler alert: It's about community identification :D

Vlad T.

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celandinestern profile pic Alumni

done. what is it all of a sudden with all the Threadless research? I've been here for years, it's never been a thing and now three or four people are doing it simultaneously. Weird synchronicity.

EZFL profile pic Alumni

Quit with the spam.

This is a place for all your comments on this design. Please, no self promotion and no links to your own submission!

Ryder profile pic Alumni

I wish there was a Threadless 101 class when i was in college... i would've gotten a 3.10 out of 5 in that class for sure


Bro, why you still spamming on submissions?


gah the spammmm

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I would totally have filled this out if you had just made this blog and that's it, but you've been pestering everyone to take part in EVERY FRIGGIN SUBMISSION AS WELL after you've been repeatedly told that isn't the place to conduct this kind of communication, so I ain't fillin' this out.

jmeaspls profile pic Alumni

the structure of your request amplifies the problem of you spamming this everywhere. the main motivation you're giving us is to 'help you out.' this is fine, because many people here are rather nice and would do this anyway. but you didn't put any that into how not to irritate people here (consequently failing at it), and this has made us not want to help you. you put the topic of your research as a 'spoiler alert' in your post. this should have been emphasized more. is your research cool or interesting? how can we here at threadless help with that awesome research? if you made us excited about the research, too, then maybe, despite your annoying presence, you'd get more surveys filled out

all-in-all i give your research request a 2.1/10 and have e-mailed your professor about how annoying you are (just kidding about that last bit)

jmeaspls profile pic Alumni

p.s. threadless, since you seem to be entering some sort of academic spotlight, it might not be a bad idea to put a section on the site regarding researchers wanting to talk to the community

it might be helpful, idk




Why the fuck are you still spamming here dude? We fucking hate you.


Your resume is gonna look great with a Masters in Annoying People from Uranus University.

celandinestern profile pic Alumni

also why have you not come back to your blog even once? People have tried to be helpful and tell you what you're doing is wrong, annoying and sanctioned by the community. Do you really not care at all??

pissing people off will not help your cause. You seem to have the social graces of a hippo.

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