The Day The Saucers Came, Issue 1, Vol. 6

  • by metalsan
  • posted Jul 16, 2012

The Day The Saucers Came, Issue 1, Vol. 6

Watch this

Know what would really help? being able to read the text in any of the images (excepting the last one which shows you a single panel of text).

RicoMambo profile pic Alumni

Again threadless artist did best job of all 4 comics on tees. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


.......great artistic design,....impressed!


I disagree with RicoMambo (altho this is not the worst of the 4), furthermore, while this is a great drawing, I can't believe this shirt won over some of the other designs submitted. Guess the community has spoken tho!


Congratulations to the winner...ya lucky bastard!

Hope threadless comes up with another of these contests (and I get to hear about it BEFORE the deadline has passed) although it'll be difficult to top this one. Please do another one with Gaiman!

p.s. the shirt model guy looks like Iwan Rheon.

RicoMambo profile pic Alumni

cjpatster, ok man, its just my opinion:) For me its best work, i think both of mine designs were with a higher score then this, but his work is simply better :) What is Your favorite?


Why is it only showing men's sizes? No girly being made anymore?


That's weird, the rest of the collection is on sale but this one isn't(?)


So the men's shirt is on sale and the women's isn't?


I'm with Tycus on this; readable text photo?

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