Hey, I'm new here. Oh, and I'm in need of some advice.

Hello Everybody.

Firstly, My name is Mati Wade. I'm a threadless new comer. I'm a illustrator based in London. Studying at UAL if there are any of you in the crowd.

I hope i can put forth some good designs, and hopefully be an active member of the forums.

I do have a question about the submission process.

I was wondering whats considered Too offensive to print? I have a T-shirt design that features a certain four letter explicative quite prominently, and i was wondering if there was any point in submitting it for critique/voting?

All i got from the T-shirt pack PDF was that you guys arn't too squeamish, but stay clear of porn and racism, which is basically a given.

Any help on that matter would be so appreciated. And sorry to sully my introduction with a request.

Once again. Hi everyone, and thank you.

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It's kind of a shot in the dark on whether or not something will be offensive. Each person has their own idea of what offensive is. Usually it's never a word that's too offensive... the F word has been printed. It can't hurt to submit it, worst case scenario you have to submit it somewhere else.

I had this one denied because it was "offensive"

we live to fight another day :)


Cheers Ryder. I've subbed it for critique, like you said, just in case.

By the by,that design is awesome. I'd wear that shirt. Though I might want for the very reason it was stricken. ha.

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