Slice of Heaven

Marie Antoinette goes to heaven...

Watch this

Let them eat (an assortment of) cake! haha very nice

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wow! beautiful! $5

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Btw, DarrenFantastic, while it is true Marie Antoinette never said, "Let them eat cake," (and FROYO29 has not made this claim), it IS a historical fact that after she died she was surrounded by 7 clouds, upon each of which a cake rested. Stars with forks? Also a fact. Not feeling so Fantastic now, are you Darren?


Thanks all for votes and comments!

DRO72, thank you for your impassioned defense! ! As you assert, fork-wielding stars and cake-bearing clouds are lesser known historical details in the Marie Antoinette story; but important details that I felt others could best educate themselves with by sporting this handy diagram on a tee or onesie! Merci Beaucoup, again, Sir!


If only it was Devil's Food Cake 5$


Thanks so much all for scores, comments!

Haha, Pink Ivy - good suggestion about Devil's Food cake - that's a whole other piece of art!

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