Beer(s) in your Country

It's my liquor of choice, next to rum and whisky. Whisky is the last, if there's none.

Famous beers in the Phils. are San Mig:

Usually for parties you don't want to get drunk on (unless you consumed 10-15 bottles)

And Red Horse:

Above are the two kinds of redhorse beer, the "smiling horse", tastes like budd wiser, but has a strong kick and the regular red horse, usuall taste of a beer with a pretty strong kick.

I haven't been in other countries. Budd wiser is the only foreign beer I've tasted. Can you post beers in your country?

Watch this

now i understand why people wont post blog that it isn't about promotion...

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For a light beer, this one's my favourite (in Belgium): It tastes good and it's an awesome (and creative) brand.


The bottle reminds me of:

Fun site indeed, unlikemy beer s site. They should hire threadless artist. Seriously threadless has the awesome around.

Sorry to be dumb, does all beers taste alike? Their advertising here now some lemon and apple flavored beers, seems stupid for me... The reason for having beer is gone.


F#@K i didn't know it was that big! size of the real thing!


*Seriously threadless has the MOST awesome MIX OF ARTIST around.


nice branding as well!


Sorry to be dumb, does all beers taste alike? No they don't! Some can be very different.

My faves are Gueuze Bellevue (Belgium) and Guinness (Ireland). They have nothing in common at all! You must try Guinness. I hated it the 1st time, forgot it for years and loved it the next time! But unfortunately the same beer tastes different from one country to the next (they're mostly brewed abroad, not imported) and usually the best is the home version. So I'm not sure what Belgian or Irish beers will taste like where you're from. Czech beer Pilsen Urquell used to be advertised as the best beer in the world and I didn't understand that until I drank it in Prague. Then I did =)


I envy you Sir! I'd check Guiness next week. as Saturdays is the best days for it.

seriously, the best local beer here is the "smiling" red horse beer.coz' it's rare. you would hardly see it in the market but it exist. something you'll look forward in drinking again...


warning: don't drink and blog


There's a lot of beer here in the US.

I don't like a lot of it. I prefer liquor instead of beer.

And I prefer hard ciders instead of beer.

I like Strongbow (not from here) and Woodchuck (the cider)


maybe you should try Dogfish Head Positive Contact pogo


ooh, yeah, I will! Thanks for suggesting it!

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Famous beers in the Phils. are San Mig

San Mig... San I realize lol, is that from the spanish San Miguel (It has a different lable there)? In that case it's awesome (never seemed to give bad hangovers :P).

Also, curious about Urquell now!

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