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Qwerty Scrabble

A simple Qwerty keyboard made of Scrabble pieces.

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A simple Qwerty keyboard made of Scrabble pieces.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Would love to see this concept with the addition of some subtle game board elements behind it, but cool idea.


Thinking it would be nice if there were some game board references... DW TL work on it! it's a cool idea!


Thanks for the suggestions. These ideas did cross my mind, but I thought it looked better kept simple...

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but I think you had this idea alone, so cool!


Aw you know what I did have a look around online to see if it had already been done but I didn't come across anything. I do like the way they spelt out the space bar though!


Oh I said 'they' and just realised it was your design, sorry. Nice job with the space bar!

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