Bubblegum Heart

  • by silaslevi
  • posted Jun 25, 2012

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I designed this for the Simple Design Challenge. It was declined. I'm unsure why. I'm putting it here for critiques / suggestions / etc. rnrnI'm fairly settled on the colors and overall design. I will accept all critiques but I am specifically looking for opinions on placement, size, and textures.


Actually any suggestions are welcome!


Try to change colours between to charachter. Like blue - purple


I think it's great! It's really simple yet still very readable. It's a simple idea with a simple execution. Did they say what about it failed to meet the competition's criteria?

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Maybe change the placement on the shirt, but the design is solid.


I agree with @Rocky Deputy, the design is awesome! But I think it would look nicer if it was smaller (not so in your face) and the placement maybe where the heart is.

If you have a moment could you please critique my design? :) Bare Essentials


I think that it's great. It's simple and imaginative. The best variant is on the left girl. I don't know why they've declined it, but I like it.

If you have a minute :-) Moravian Inspiration


How about the placement over the heart?

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I think maybe it's just placement - the design is really good. I would suggest slightly smaller, I like it central on the tshirt best.

I'm really really stuck on mine, so if anyone has time I would appreciate any advice :-) Out of My Hair

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Oh I just commented on the last version, I love the new smaller ones!


i like the new placement. and the design is wicked. maybe make the heart stronger by trying closer colours like ahmetuyar suggested. blue - purple. or even pink - red?

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I think it's gotten too small, though I think it would look good embroidered small on a collared shirt.


Thanks for all the feedback! I've made the colors bolder, now its pure magenta, cyan, and purple.


I've updated the placements. Maybe smaller was too small?


Now with a girl's color way and a boy's. How about the colors, size, and placement on this one?


I like this versions the best. for size and colors. I like the red with pink bubble a lot. I would want those colors but guys cut. Something about the hair being just a little too "blocky" bothers me, personally, but no one else has mentioned that.


Great improvement! :) I really like both the girls and boys colorway, if you look at it long enough, it also looks like a boy and girl kissing! (kind of, maybe it's just me..) As @pearlaceoushecticity mentioned, maybe it would be nice to add some curvature to the lower back side of the girls hair.

If you have a moment, would you critique the new version of my design? :) Bare Essentials

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I'd still like to see an embroidered polo shirt version.


Fragile foundation


I wish you would have submitted this to Threadless Loves Simple! This is an awesome idea and use of negative space, etc.


Thanks @Admbms! I did submit it to Threadless Loves Simple. It was declined...


I mean Admbrns, thanks again.


Awesome use of ambiguity. I agree with one of the above statements, you shoudl submit this in threadless loves simple. :)


It's perfect as is! So clean and brilliantly simple! It's really more of a personal thing, but I'd say that the bubble on the boy version is just a tad purple-y, and maybe it'd help if it was more of the straight pink like the girl version. BUT, like I said, that's extremely minor, and I think it looks great anyway-- placement, colors, design, craftsmanship. Nicely done! :)

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