The Best Artists On Threadless

Overall, pretty unhappy with the quality of work here. That said, there are some artists that I think are amazing. Sorry for those who aren't listed below - I've either never seen your work or it hasn't had an impact on me yet. Here's a short list that I will continue to update over time... and in no particular order:

ilovedoodle (so consistent. so good.)
laser bread (always trying new things. and it always seems to work)
fatheed (work speaks for itself)
leroy hornblower (found a style. nailed it.)
phildesignart (well, most of it)
benchen (execution more than concept)
alexmdc (needs to learn how to edit a bit but ridiculously talented)
tang yau hoong (wish he'd sub more)
davidfromdallas (concepts too complicated sometimes)
maki (wish he'd sub more)
montro (concept more than execution)
sonmi (see benchen)
hafaell (subject matter starting to improve. crazy illustration skills)

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rskinner1122 profile pic Alumni

wow some pretty amazing artist. I would say but your missing a whole lot of amazing artists in my opinion:) but not everyone has the same style that they love:)


Again, entirely subjective but always down to see more artists that I haven't seen before. These are the best from what I've seen.


decent start for a list i'd say..

what do you mean by "needs to learn to edit a bit" next to alexmdc? i don't get where you're coming edit content or cleaner work...?

spacesick profile pic Alumni

I'm sorry, Haragos, perhaps with more practice and less Walking Dead spoilers you'll make my list.

spacesick profile pic Alumni

ah shit I forgot to log back in!


pedro23 just became my all new inspiration! i can see now where and how i've been going about this all wrong! i feel like a fool!


spacesick has way to many alias accounts... not cool, bro, not cool...

spacesick profile pic Alumni

shyeah right. everyone knows my list would look like this:

spacesick spacesick spacesick spacesick spacesick spacesick (well, most of it) spacesick spacesick spacesick spacesick spacesick spacesick (penis is too big) spacesick spacesick spacesick spacesick (I really like the way he draws smiley faces on things) spacesick spacesick spacesick spacesick spacesick spacesick spacesick spacesick spacesick spacesick (I fucked him!) spacesick spacesick


BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA@spacesick! now that is an epic list! no conceit whatsoever! love it!

Haragos profile pic Alumni

Top 5 Designers of All time:

Dylan Dylan Dylan Dylan and….. Dylan!

Old enough reference for ya?

jmeaspls profile pic Alumni

this blog needs more hafaell


Hey this must be davidfromdallas, you helped you get printed 7 times!


@skindapple - content

@spacesick - never change

@randyotter3000 - sorry, bro. altho some of your stuff is amazing.

@Jellyes - hafaell has been added

@MisterYo - dfd, along with a few other artists, routinely send me their subs to vote on. feel free to send me yours whenever: bluckyou(at)gmail(dot)com


@Haragos - there was nothing interesting enough to reply to. Until just then.


@5eth - pedro23 desperately needs to find a permanent job working in the tshirt world

@Haragos - ?

Andreas Mohacsy
Andreas Mohacsy profile pic Alumni

i'd be far more interested to see a list of best artists who are relativly unkown/unprinted, all the artists above are good but we all already know they have threadless tick of approval and exposure by printing 10 million of their shirts...

i know it's harder to find other artists that havn't been printed (promoted by threadless) as much but there are many out there and probably a few we havn't really seen

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

Id much prefer to make the Worse list

staffell profile pic Alumni

you forgot glennz and olly moss

Andreas Mohacsy
Andreas Mohacsy profile pic Alumni

(spacesick) killed chuck norris in hand to hand combat

spacesick profile pic Alumni

yes but the tears of the pokemon brought him back to life

biotwist profile pic Alumni

why dont you judge stuff by whats printed instead of whats submitted (unless thats what you did)


@Andreas - I'd love some suggestions. Haven't seen any else yet. And remember, great art doesn't always make great shirts.

@ISABOA - I'll put that together soon and make sure you're on it.

@SchwenLarson - Thanks.

@staffell - No doubt glennz is great but he's also a one-trick pony. I quick grow tired of his style and concepts. Olly is an incredible designer. Not a fan of most of his shirts. But his posters are remarkable.

@spacesick - Please don't ever leave my blog.

@biotwist - This is based on everything I've seen. Just happens that my favorite artists have been printed before. Again, I'd be happy to look at any suggestions anyone might have. Just an opinion.

Resistance profile pic Alumni

No Isaboa? Defective list.

ClariceC profile pic Alumni

lol xiv impact

jmeaspls profile pic Alumni

everyone likes mathiole. that's like saying you're a fan of oxygen or water or sex

spacesick profile pic Alumni

sorry I'm not familiar with sex. link me?


me neither :/

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