• by Gina23
  • posted Jun 19, 2012

Watch this

i've been working on this, for quite a long time, any suggestions ! what should i do next ?letme know guyz :) thankx


I think the red and dark pink (inside the mouth) are too bright for the rest of the color scheme. I like the concept a lot though. Also, there is a shade of blue that comes on the ice's right hand which I think should be behind the hand.. It looks wrong. Very cute!

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Make sure you detail the back surface of the ice cube. It looks awkward because you gave good attention to the other surfaces

Please provide some feedback for mine Paper Jam


you might need to work on the lines a little more

Could you please take some time to score mine,cheers! From Africa


HA! I've seen a lot of ice cream jokes, but not a literal one!

I would suggest to put it on a tank top because it seems more like a summer shirt.

Otherwise go for it!

If you have time, could you give your score on one of my designs,"Life Sucked Out", please?:


thank you every one for your feedback .. im on it :) hope to improve my next version

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