idea for hoodie

so i've been thinking really hard about the hoodie contest and have decided to make some sort of pedestrian hoodie... recently, car operators have been trying to run me down with their vehicles while i'm walking across crosswalks and the other day i found out my second cousin was struck and killed by a car while walking home with groceries

i don't know where you guys live, but in kansas city the car vs. pedestrian issue is starting to become worse and worse... days ago, i had a friend who was almost murdered by a car, trying to cross the street, and that is exactly the correct word for it: murder

i don't get why so many vehicle operators assume they have the right of way, you don't... at a cross walk, the moment the little man flashes on and tells me i can cross, YOU YIELD TO ME

i am not a 2 ton piece of speeding metal... i cannot win in a game of chicken vs. a car...

please, drivers of the world listen up, when you get into your death-contraption, can you please remember that my head is like a ripened melon and consider the mess you'll have to clean up if you strike me with your weapon...

and i'd like to state that out of the 3 cars that didn't see me in my brightly colored outfit yesterday, only one of them was fucking with their cell phone, so i guess that's progress

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surprise surprise, not only was it not accepted, there wasn't even an email attached


not anymore, it doesn't... it wasn't accepted for scoring

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