Long-sleeve guys shirt brand?

  • by catboy17
  • posted Dec 03, 2006

Hi. Does anyone know what brand they're printing the long-sleeved guys shirts on? It doesn't say on the sizing page so I just wanted to make sure. Thanks.

Watch this

Hmm, I dunno, they switched to their own brand of tees a little while ago, so probably they're using their own brand of longsleeve too.

Jonny Freedom

AA, go look at the sizing guide. its all there...

cshimala profile pic Staff

nope, it's not AA. It's our own.


I think the real question is... how does it fit? American Apparel mediums are really small on me, but the regular mediums that Threadless sells are just right.


a medium guys long sleeve doesn't fit me

keep in mind I'm 6'2" in height and an inch longer in wingspan. It's like only yao ming could fit in this thing

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