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Helen Munch

I'm concidering this for the Simple Design Challenge, what do you think? I feel something is missing and would love some input. Thanks!


I think if you enlarge ur design to a lil bigger, it'll be nicer :) Have a try


this looks almost identical to the poster for i love you phillip morris

Helen Munch

Had to check that out... I agree, the poses are similar! Still I feel this design is a lot different and when I did my research before making the design I didn't see any poses like this. Thanks for pointing that out!


Honestly think all colors suit your graphic!! It has lot of depth to it. Love it!!! You can put a combination of tee colors when submit.

Good luck!! When you get a chance please vote for a cause (ie deforestation) here:

Stop! the madness - vote


I actually like the first version on the white tee better - i think the colors suit your message a bit better. However if you did want to stick with the brown t-shirt I might make the girl's dress pink and the ribbon green so it really looks like a heart. All-around a very clean and lovely design! I'd submit!

If you have the time I'd really appreciate it if you'd take a look at my design


Your design is great. But please think not only how it suits the t-color but also If people will check the box while voting if they will buy it. By my opinion the brown is not the best choice. Try to experiment with different tee colors for girls. Good luck with it.

You may wish to critique my design as well. The Fate


I think the colour of the design is the best in this one. I like the brown, but It could look better in different colours, but i'd have to see it...
This design makes me sooooo happy

thanks for giving me pointers on my design.... I updated it, if you got time let me know what you think

Helen Munch

Thanks for all your great comments... I have experienced with different t-shirt colors and changed the colors on the design. Alslo removed the yellow tint on the faces. I have actually submitted this version for scoring already... A bit impatient :-)


I love it and wil vote 5 right now

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