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  • by kkawai
  • posted Jun 10, 2012

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Hi guys! I'm very sad because i clicked the button "delete critique" to delete only the current design but all critiques gone away :(... anyway, this is the new version of my work! Thanks all for the comments on my other versions that i deleted unintentionally... Pleas give me your opinion!


Hi!! I make another version of my design with another style... which do you prefer, this or the last version? and what i need to change??? Please comment!! Thanks a lot :):)!


I think i liked the previous style better ( the deleted ones)... the last one ( among the deleted versions) was really coming together. The little bunny was much cute than the birds.

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Thanks for the comment!! I'll turn back the bunny :)))


Hi everyone! This is other style i was using in my design! Please give me a comment! Thanks :)


Hi! i'm very confuse about what i need to do with my design to improve it.. Please, help me :))))!!


Don't panic! The idea is very sweet to begin with, that's a good start. First - decide what is NECESSARY for it to work? The bird playing a guitar, so I guess the bird and the guitar are necessary. Is the amplifier though? Now after you know what's there you think of how to place it. If you feel the composition is unbalanced you may add details to balance it, or maybe shade. Details help - they add rhythm to the design, and help strengthen your point.

About this particular version - I would remove the amp and the star (I don't get why it's there), and have me a more expressive bird (you can find photos for reference). A silhouette will do but it has to be good. A suggestion - you don't have to show the entire guitar. this way you can have a larger more expressive bird.

If you got a minute Please critique


Thanks a lot :))))))!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yes make the Guitar and bird bigger. Get rid of the box! Good luck!!

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I liked version 2 the best!


hi!! Thanks to all, i'm working on this ideas and soon i will show my new version :))) Thanks for helping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i dont think the desing rlly conveys what your trying to say and the grunge texture looks rlly heavy

if you have time, please do score mine, cheers! From Africa


Hi :)!! Well, i try to put an animal more expressive.. so i put a snake... what you think about it?? Thanks for all comments on my last version!


It's nice, but I don't think you should make the snake and the guitar the same color, maybe make the snake light green? And also the tail looks more like a monkey tail, snakes tails come to a point.

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