Please help me out :)

Hi everyone. I just wanted to apologize to everyone if at some point I put links in the comments section of other people's designs. i didn't notice that it is not preferable I was just excited to promote myself. Please forgive me if you seem to have seen many of my links about the place :)

I hope you guys can help me out though.. working with threadless is more like a dream job for me as I am sure it is for all of you too, so if you can help me out with my submission I would truly appreciate and love it. :)

I have so many ideas for so many upcoming shirts I can't wait to pitch in with them in the future. :)

Thank you all and again sorry if I offended anyone in the comments sections. :)

Please help me out with some high ratings if possible (if you do like it :))

Also please send me your designs if you'd like in case u'd like me to rate your designs too. :)

Thank you all and again sorry for offending my intentions were positive. :)

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it's an easy mistake for newbies to make, I'm sure you'll be forgiven!

i like your design - you've got great illustration skills, I'd like to see more of a concept/idea to it though


I have some amazing concepts coming up .. this one was more of an emotion. i had watched the last episode of game of thrones and I was personally angry cuz of some issues in my life so i found myself sketching this high detailed dragon.. i kept increasing the detail more and more when i realized it would make a great shirt.. so this design was personal to me :)

i felt when ti is that personal perhaps it connects to other ppl too who would love to "Wear" that feeling :D

i have some interesting concepts coming up which i will post when I finish

Thank you so much ^_^ :)

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