Threadcakes 2012 is upon us

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Pez Banana

those are very awesome cakes... i would feel bad to cut any of those up.


Damn you, Threadcakes. Making me feel all inadequate about my skills, ya jerks.

But I don't get how these are 2D:


Ah, the 2D vs. 3D battle wages on.

Yeah, the toast ones are pretty close to 3D. The zombie hands, a bit less-so. It's hard to know where to draw the line, and I've changed the categorizations before.

I mean, everything real is 3D in a sense. So do we not allow ANY depth at all on 2D cakes? I usually gauge it in terms of how much of it is structural/sculptural/free-standing, versus how much is a decorated sheet or layer. Even still, I agree that it gets murky.

macdoodle profile pic Alumni

I was just about to post the cake inspired by my print "Zombies".

I was floored when I saw it!!

Love this cake challenge!!

d3d profile pic Alumni

it's not hard to know where to draw the line. those are more than a design drawn on a flat surface so they're 3d. simple. looking forward to this year's cakes.

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