you've never seen TWIN PEAKS?

if you live in the united states, and have can stream every episode of the show!
with only a few lamentable moments in the 2nd season, the show ranks up there with the best of the best TV ever.

i've always wanted to stay at the hotel in the show: the Great Northern.

this is my design based on very old Ad art for fancy hotels

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Thomas Orrow
Thomas Orrow profile pic Alumni

I haven't ever watched it, but I heard it's got cherry pie and midgets in it, so I plan on watching it one day.

r.o.b.o.t.i.c.octopus profile pic Alumni

the followup film "Fire Walk With Me" isn't as fun as the show, but it's not meant to be actually, since it's mostly a horror show film of the last days of laura palmer (she's the reason for the show, she was murdered and so the FBI investigates)...the film is very creepy. very very. and has boobies in it too...

digsy profile pic Alumni

i'm ashamed to say I've never seen it either, but even then this shirt still looks great!

celandinestern profile pic Alumni

I tried watching but lost the plot and was like 'huh? I'm too dumb for this'. Maybe I was too young.

r.o.b.o.t.i.c.octopus profile pic Alumni

David Lynch works are like strong black coffee...this is one of his more accessible it's got a lot more sweet and cream added...the show is in itself a send up of Soap Operas of the day, stuff like Falcon's Crest, Dallas and so on...the difference is that this show has memorable characters, all of which have their own quirks that seem to be the glue of the the 2nd season the studio tried to force the quirks in, and it hurt the show some, but the groundwork had been laid in season was very difficult to ruin this show, though a few S2 episodes seemed to try...i fault the individual writers of those episodes for nor really getting what made the first season so great.

the music is also a very important part of the is, in effect, another unseen character similar to the quirks, and serves as a kind of glue as well.

Twin Peaks set a standard for cliffhanger TV and inspired copycats from other Picket Fences on CBS and the Showtime Original movie "HEADS" starring ed asner and jon cryer...much later ABC attempted another quirky mystery show in PUSH, NEVADA but failed to make much of a resonant blip with the viewer...Lost is also somewhat influenced by TP in that from episode to episode nearly anything could happen. and finally, the show the KILLING on AMC seems to be kin to TP but without the supernatural or dopplegangers, but similar mystery style...the characters are less quirky in the Killing, but there is enough hushed conspiracy written in that keeps you coming back to try and figure out who the killer is...the location of the Killing is also similar (Washington state)...

try and explore Twin Peaks...but i warn you, it isn't very flashy (though it does have a definite style) its pace is also unlike today's shows, so go in expecting zero flash cuts and zero pop attitude.

r.o.b.o.t.i.c.octopus profile pic Alumni

Digsy... Dianne is a recurring character in the fact, we never see her, but Special Agent Dale Cooper is always talking to her.


The show is engrossing and scary and weird and magical and cheesy and charming. It's hard not to have a crush on like, every character.


love the style and colors!

Bramish profile pic Alumni

It's my favourite TV show EVER.

They printed a Twin Peaks design not so long ago if I remember rightly?

d3d profile pic Alumni

i've still never watched it despite hearing over and over how amazing it is. i'll watch it some day. i voted high anyway because i have a mate who'd love the shirt.

r.o.b.o.t.i.c.octopus profile pic Alumni is a ground breaking show, however the HYPE MACHINE always hurts whatever is the time you get to it, you might hate the all depends on your mindset when you finally watch it.

d3d profile pic Alumni

i dunno. i had to study david lynch for a while in school and i liked his vibe. i should enjoy it.

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