You know that moment when're working on a big file, and there's a lot going on, and you maybe haven't been quite as organised as you should have been, and then you want to erase something

but there are a thousand different layers

and all of them look the same

and none of them is labeled

and you click on the spot but photoshop won't automatically select it for you

and you give up and go through layer by layer, hiding and unhiding, and seeing if it's still there

and it always is

and you swear you'll never use layers again





maybe it's just me.

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ilyya profile pic Alumni

happens to me all the time, haha.

And then you edit that layer, continue work, and have to edit that same layer again but forgot what the layer number was so you have to go through the hiding/unhiding process again.


I totally relate to that... but at the end of the day, I'm back to using layers! haha

mismonaut profile pic Alumni

I always tell myself I'll be better organised next time.


Wharton profile pic Alumni

Who do those layers think they are? Plus you know that photoshop knows exactly which one you're trying to select and is all like "this one? Or this one? That one?" photoshop is a sentient being I swear.

Steve The Great

name your layers, dude!!!!!!!!

(not that I do that or anything)

L-M-N-O-P profile pic Alumni

I try to use a few layers as possible at a time: work on one at a time, then flatten it to the 'main color layer'. There isn't always a way to do this, but fewer layers = fewer problems.

thechild profile pic Alumni

hahaha i do that all the time, it'll take me a hour just to merge everything done when i'm finished

mismonaut profile pic Alumni

Steve The Great on Jun 06 '12 at 9:06pm name your layers, dude!!!!!!!!

guilt guilt guilt

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