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Want to be thin also

  • by jinshio
  • posted Jun 06, 2012

Watch this

mmh new tvs are so thinrnrn


smart and funny!! why dont u put the typography?


Love it. Not sure if it needs typography. Maybe a though or talk bubble?


i'll try just like you said thanks a lot


Great idea and technique. I'm not sure since this will complicate the design and will require good composition, but may be add additional slim TVs (may be in the fitness club) for the reference. Otherwise this poor TV a little bit alone here.

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maybe add some shadows? it will make your design not to look like it is floating..

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New tvs are so thin. Thanks for the ideas


Funny!! I like it! The text can be very simply handwritten at the bottom in small size. Try to also add some sweat drops falling from the TV on the ground like a puddle. Showing it is working out! Also try some light shading on the TV box, to make it look 3D.

Good luck!!

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much better than the previous.. i think this is ready..

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haha i like it! i think you should make it a little smaller. i think the size is a bit awkward. i agree with the idea for more sweat too. but other than that, great design!

please comment on mine too :)


great design and idea...agree with the sweat.. would change the text also. doesn't work for me...good luck

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I really dig this design! I would lose the text and text bubble altogther, though. That doesn't seem the popular suggestion, but I look at the well-illustrated TV, working out, and I see the wordplay for "TV Workout" or some variation, which is commonly what people would be doing. It's a visual pun, so explaining this one might just be like explaining why your joke is funny at a party. I like it. Honestly.

Critique me?


i think the font text is not good... maybe you can try a font more cute to combine with your cute design


new tvs are so thin... thanks a lot for your ideas and help

haha yeah sorry for "whant"


i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! submit this :) !!!!!!!!!


Just submit this please!




thanks :)


nice! but you dont need to the caption on the tshirt

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cool idea,i think


thanks for your ideas but this little tv its already on train, going to see your work :)

Want to be thin also

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