Oh...We are not drunk!

  • by justang8
  • posted Jun 04, 2012

Watch this

Need your comment


Like the concept but try to improve it a little bit. I like the eyes but try to improve the mouths and eyebrows. May be add some shaiding to make the body less flat. The hands can be less human in color and in shape. Good luck with the progress, very good starting point.

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I agree with the above, good idea but try to work on details. I don't like the lines inside the beer on the right, I think you can remove them. Try to make the other lines more detailed and put them more carefully in their places, maybe also use some more interesting brush or shapes than just simple lines.


Thks for the comments. Do you thing light grey T or Green T is better?


Hi, I have reworked it. ...Hope to receive your comment.


This is definitely good progress. The foam and the bottle neck can be made more realistic.


I think the foam could be improved a little and the wine bottle looks like it's losing teeth... maybe move the drool to the side of it's mouth more. Otherwise cute. :) Please comment on my Sinful design.


Awesome! Small changes - Agree with above, can you make the foam on the mug, like spilling on the side. And the shadow can be better. Thanks!


Thks for the above comments. I will rework & submit again.


A step in the right direction from v1. I think the limbs are a bit flimsy (even though they are drunk) Also, I think the design is just too solid. Also, I think this deserves a funny punchline.

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Hi ! This is a new version. Hope you like it & feel free to comment..


foam looks funny to me, it doesn't blend well. maybe remove the black outline and change the color of the shirt...

if u have time nerds


this is so cute.. it's just the shadows is a little bit off with the texture of the design.. try to work it out..

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Do you think grey colour T would be better?


A new version. Is this better?

Malhat06 profile pic Alumni

Looking good to me :) Submit!


Do you think adding the title "Oh...We are not drunk!" a good idea?


Thks. Any other comment?


Is this better?

Chaitanya Reddy

:) this design always makes me smile.

Yes, I think adding the hand and changing the position helps :).

Is there some way to make the bottle froth/appear full too. That may help.

All in all good work :)


Haha, nice! I agree with Chaitanya, maybe some beer sloshing out of the bottle as well? It also makes me think of cartoons where when someone is drunk, they have little bubbles floating around them - might be a nice touch to fill up some of the space in the top of the design. Great work!


Is this version better?


Your design's improving! I think you're ready to submit it :D


Great progress! I feel its ready to submit.

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Chaitanya Reddy

better :) ... but the beer bottle spill drops look like an afterthought .. needs a lil more work ..

In my opinion .. the bottle spill is worked on a tad and u r good to submit :)


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