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Top Albums of 2006 - High Fidelity Style!

  1. Cursive- Happy Hollow

  2. John Legend- Once Again

  3. Sparta- Threes

  4. Be Your Own Pet- S/T

  5. Mastodon- Blood Mountain

  6. The Roots- Game Theory

  7. Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Show Your Bones

  8. TV on the Radio- Return to Cookie Mountain

  9. Soulwax- Nite Versions

  10. Spank Rock- Yoyoyoyoyo

Honorable Mention: Wolfmother, Field Music, Snow Patrol, +/-, Beck and Morningwood (seriously- that album is super shiny catchiness and attitude).

So what's your top five-ten?

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I wish I was more of a music lover/person, I really don't have any clue as to what my top 5 albums would be, I mostly listen to music off the web or on youtube.


cursive and mastodon are coming to my town this month.


My Top 10 right now

1. The Radio Dept. -Pet grief
2. Midlake- Trials of van....
3. The Sounds- Dying to say this to you
4. Junior Boys- So this is goodbye
5. The Killers- Sam´s town
6. The Marked Men- Fix my brain
7. Regina Spector - Begin to hope
8. Ghostface Killah- Fishscale
9. Tommy Guerrero- From the soil to the soul
10. The Submarines- Declare a new state

I´m sure I forgot something!?


You have nice taste.

Personally I thought the new Cursive album was a big disappointment though.

The TV On The Radio one is really very good though.


Selda (reissue)
rough trade best of 2005
Joanna Newsom
my latest novel


Two of your favorite albums are in my top five as well, Langskog: Radio Dept., Junior Boys. I guess Helios, Tunng and TVOTR complete the list, but I'm not quite sure yet.

the czar
  1. Ivory Wire - Notables and Nobodies
  2. Maritime - We the Vehicles
  3. We Are Scientists - With Love and Squalor
  4. Hush Sound - Like Vines
  5. What Made Milwaukee Famous - Trying to Never Catch Up
  6. Joe Satriani - Super Colossal
  7. Incubus - Light Grenades
  8. Matt Pond PA - Several Arrows Later
  9. As Fast As - Open Letter to the Damned
  10. Nada Surf – The Weight is a Gift

    I know a couple of these were late 2005 releases, but whatever!
    This was painfully hard to do.


in no particular order...
Yo La Tengo - Am Not Afraid Of You And I Will Beat Your Ass
TV On the Radio - Return to Cookie Mountain
The Decemberists - The Crane Wife
Band Of Horses - Everything All the Time
Guillemots - Through the Windowpane
Neko Case - Fox Confessor Brings the Flood
Be Yor Own Pet - s/t
Belle & Sebastian - The Life Pursuit
Ron Sexsmith - Time Being
Ray Lamontage - Till the Sun Turns Black


Oh! I forgot Band of horses, great album.

hi-fi gods

No rela order to these:

Ys - Joanna Newsom
Destroyer's Rubies - Destroyer
Broken Social Scene -Broken Social Scene
Return to Cookie Mountain - TV on the Radio
Bitter Tea - Fiery Furnaces
Shut Up I Am Dreaming - Sunset Rubdown
Skeleton - Figurines
Meek Warrior - Akron/family
Drum's Not Dead - Liars
Gulag Orkestar - Beirut


I probably won't be able to properly do this until next December, because I mostly buy older stuff that I didn't get around to when it originally came out, but I will give this a whirl later.


I agree with you on the new Mastadon.


what? no joanna newsom?


In no particular order:

Two Gallants - What The Toll Tells
TV On The Radio - Return To Cookie Mountain
Sunset Rubdown - Shut Up I Am Dreaming...
Camera Obscura - Let's Get Out Of This Country
Psapp - The Only Thing I Ever Wanted
Battles - EP C/B EP



High Fidelity only had did Top 5's no Top 10's. Overachiever!


Only had did eh?


I haven't heard the new Battles yet, but I'm guessing it is good?


Piss up your own ass, bramish!


wow. can a person even do that, mezo?
...thinks about it...


hey bramish, kids got a point. you dont want to upset the john cusack gods.

ps. im way too pretentious for lists like this. get off my ass

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langs: The second Sounds album I actually listened to for the first time last night. lol. It does indeed hold up after two listens to yet another pleasant throw-back to the 80's synth rock with an alternative twist, and does it in different ways than their first excellent dose of nostalgic fun.

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bramish: I agree the latest (and unfortunatly not greatest) Cursive album wasn't as good as i had hoped, but still went to uncharted territory and had enough amazing songcraft and conceptual complexitiy as an album it rightfully deserved a place in the list. "Hymnal Babies", especially "Big Bang" and a buinch of other ones still rocked with a more polished feel, but nothing beats the punch to the heart og Cursive's Domestica, followed up by the complete tearing the heart out of our body theatrics of The Ugly Organ.


i dated a guy who had more albums than we could fit in a room so he sold a bunch when we were jobless for months on end and eventually organized them and counted them and had 350 and i helped that fvcker (he's an x, i get to say that right) carry those monstrosities through three moves and i praise the lord for cd's and cry over the loss of the eight track.

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Czar- Never heard of Ivory Wire- sounds interesting.

We Are Scientists was last year i think, but yeah, after the first listen where i labeled them Opening Act for the Bloc Party, their own voice and catchy riffs started bashing me on the head with their awesomeness. "This Scene is Dead" was one of my favorite songs last year to throw on repeat. The Matt Pond album dissapointed me greatly, with its repeatitive sounding songs that hinted at much more. Maybe next album. And Nada Surf as also last eyar and was very good, although nothing can top "Let Go".

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lol chelly. Thanks to the miracle of ipods, 14,500 songs (and counting) reside neatly in my pocketm instead of taking up eighty percent of my rat hole-sized living space. Yeay technology!


i'll bet that ipod doesn't weight as much as a car either (if it does, you need to research a new one).


the kooks
dj shadow
clap your hands and say yeah
mates of state


Umm...I bought a lot of cds but only 2 of which were actually released this year.

Beck - The Information
Thom Yorke - The Eraser

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hifi god- LOVE Broken Social Scene, but once again i think that was a 05' release, but i might be wrong. they are one of my fasvorite bands, but their last album fulfilled me without bloweing me away. I kinda felt they let the production become overwhelmed to the point where i had a headache trying to listen to an idiviudaul element in some of the songs. I think You Forgot It in People was the best compromise between production clarity and psychedelia. I forogt abou tthe Beirut album! It's great but i need to listen to it a few more times till i know how much i enjoy it.

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The ipod feels like a mid-size pocket calculator in my khaki pockets. always wear khakis people, it's like a purse for a man!


oooh yeah beirut!!


too many great albums this year... forgot about
the young knives
peter, bjorn and john... many more ill remember later :/

Velvet Jones

Jucifer... has more amps than anybody...

hands down.

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Mezo- yeah, i was HOPING no one would mention that! I was originally gonna make it a five album list, but there's just too much good stuff out in one year to condense that much! Jack Black didnt play by anyone's rulez in that movie either!


LOVE Broken Social Scene, but once again i think that was a 05' release, but i might be wrong. they are one of my fasvorite bands, but their last album fulfilled me without bloweing me away. I kinda felt they let the production become overwhelmed to the point where i had a headache trying to listen to an idiviudaul element in some of the songs. I think You Forgot It in People was the best compromise between production clarity and psychedelia.


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stevethegreat- I have a shameful feeling in my soul when i say i havent heard the new regina spektor yet...i loved ehr first album, as she has picked up the piano freak-fairy songstress role that Tori Amos kinda let fall from her fingertips the last few releases...still ove me some Tori tho!

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iawtc? I don not know what that means, so i dont know whether to tap you on the back in a friendly manner or stick a mack truck into your gullet? hehehe.

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im finally out of work!!!! Party tiiiiiiiiiiiiiime!!! Or going over to my friends house, getting drunk and laughing at each other. Good times!


i agree with this comment


Gulag Orkestar - Beirut
Begin To Hope - Regina Spektor
A Lesson In Crime - Tokyo Police Club
The Life Pursuit - Belle & Sebastian
Give Me a Wall - Forward, Russia!

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thank god, lemonalle, cause i really didn't feel like going to a random highway off ramp and hijacking a truck from some random sweaty trucker hat man named "Bumper" to cram into your craw. So where's your listy list so we all can praise and berate you, lemon head (either that, or you are offically becoming Violet Beuregard and gonna turn into a giant blueberry quite soon judging from your new pic).


Jewstice - It's not an album of new material per say. Just all their EPs bundled together on to one collection. Sure enough, it's ace.

hi-fi gods

it came out in January, i thought...i'm probably wrong, though.

in substitution, I offer Swan Lake's Beast Moans as among best albums.

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I've wanted to listen to Beast Moans, but unfortunatly i have a 3,000 song backlog that i am constantly hacking away at in my ipod already. I cannot WAIT for the new Bloc Party album to be leaked tho patiently updating computer screen every three seconds at favorite torrent site


If Bloc Party could write lyrics that aren't completely inane once in a while, I may enjoy them more. They're not bad I guess.

the czar

FrickinA - I'll admit thatMatt Pond isn't as good as some of his older efforts, but I enjoy his brand of melancholy quite a bit.
Let go is def. Nada Surf's best - Hi-speed soul is the most played song on my ipod,out of 7500songs.
Ivory Wire - I just love them. This was their last album - they've given up on the music biz. They used to be Dovetail Joint, you might know their on hit "Level on the Inside"
We are scientists was Jan 2006 - I love taht cd and especially "It's a hit"


I'm glad to see battles listed.

1. Maritime - We, the Vehicles
2. Matt Ponda Pa - Several Arrows Later
3. Supersystem - One Million Microphones

I don't really want to list so these are good too: the raptures new album, battles epc/b, owen, etc.

big let down: new cursive.

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Oh snap Bramish!!!! I've never heard that as a complaint for not liking Bloc Party. Huh. I quite enjoy their lyrics and the fact that they are slightly political, always match well with the music (the lead singer's voice being the perfect mid-point mashup of Robert Smith and the lead singer from Tears for Fears), and don't get in the way of why i love that band more than any other new band of the last few years- a buzz-guitar drum-and-base song structure more deadly precise than an anthrax meteorite landing on your head. And who in their right mind writes a dance song against British Imperialism? And live they played "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" in Philly. That's gotta speak for something. lol.

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