Shirts that went bye bye

So, I'm not sure how kosher this is..

but with the recent culling of shirts related to a certain pop culture juggernaut, I wanted to keep track of printed tees that are gone and that need to be cherished if you have them. 'cause they ain't comin back!

I haven't been around that long so if I'm missing any feel free to add.

[July 3 2013: I haven't been around regularly in a year, and since then I only noticed Palshaoo to add to the list.

Until I ever get around to figuring out thumbnails on the new site, here they are listed. Most are the submission names which when printed may have had a different name. The blank picture links should still go to the submissions if they're on the site. Otherwise even if 404'd it'll show the product name.]

Darkside of the Garden
The Killing Tree
Operation Needed
Flower Power
Honest Tee
I'd Give My Left Arm..
the magical zipper to weiner man land
the greatest connection
Number 7
Number 8
Number 9
Number 10
A Simple Plan
Number 11
Lightsabre tooth tiger
Nature troopers of the world
When You Think About It All Galaxies Are Far Far Away
Three Keyboard Cat Moon
I Have Super Powers My Mom Calls Them Talents
Little Star Wars
Let the Game Continue
Medium Difficulty
Midnight Snack
Jed Eye Chart
Pezidents of the United States
Bad bad Walker
Rebel with a Cause
Droid Lighthouse
a very long time ago
Retold with Unicorns
summer licks
Schrute Farms
Shot First
Slave Two
Logical conclusion
Euphoria Atmosphere
Death Star Defensive Systems
Soldier Of The Great Empire
Unfinished Business
The British Empire Strikes Back
Vote Imperial
Imitated Caterpillar

Flower Power

Honest Tee I'd Give My Left Arm..


Number_8 Number_9



When You Think About It..

Three Keyboard Cat Moon

I Have Super Powers..


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awesome! such a nostalgic reminder!

Lahar profile pic Alumni

Added MacCat, put the list back in the blog itself as it's in chrono. order.

Lahar profile pic Alumni

I miss Jonah Hill when he was jollier.

Thanks, spacesick! added it.

Lahar profile pic Alumni


pyr4lis profile pic Alumni

wow some of those star wars spoofs were in and out so fast I don't even remember ever seeing them!

Lahar profile pic Alumni

I was surprised too that they were pulled so quickly. About half a dozen were put up for May the 4th and I wouldn't have remembered them if I hadn't looked them up on another site.

Lahar profile pic Alumni

Cheers! That got me to look up A Simple Plan, which turns out to be gone, too.

Andreas Mohacsy
Andreas Mohacsy profile pic Alumni

awesome blog, i had no idea some of these had disappeared, and some that appear so loosely referenced


can someone fill me in here? whats all this about?

spacesick profile pic Alumni

straight men performing in gay adult films just to be working union actors until their big breaks


Some pacman stuff was taken down a while ago, there was a blog about it too.


wait. i still don't know why ZEROWOLF was taken down? i freaking LOVE mine.


and don't forget the stuckwithpinsgate - the hanging tree

Lahar profile pic Alumni

Thanks for the tips..! Like a poor person I have work this morning but I'll look up and add designs later.

And darn about The Killing Tree.. I'd requested a reprint for that one.

No idea about ZEROWOLF.. It got taken down pretty quick. I figured either it truly was April fool's joke, or the girl wasn't really 12. Or maybe it's a registered name?

Is the shirt as awesome in person as I imagine it to be..?

Morkki profile pic Alumni

Maybe ZEROWOLF was just too awesome and had to be taken down before it collapsed into a black hole of total raditude.

Was there some controversy about MacCat? It's sad that these also disappear from as that's kind of the Threadless history.

Lahar profile pic Alumni

Seemed it was just a very good drawing of a photo that had been around for a while + eyeglasses.

Lahar profile pic Alumni

Added the killing tree, Medium Difficulty, and Midnight Snack.

Lahar profile pic Alumni
  • Flower Power, + Honest Tee

Someone needs to solve the ZEROWOLF mystery!

Lahar profile pic Alumni

I took a chance and wrote to customer service asking about ZEROWOLF. Got a non-specific response about them having to take down designs due to legal issues.

Since it could be copyrighted, I did some hard sleuthing to find out what 'zerowolf' is exactly, but to no avail. The most I could glean is fan-ish art of manga wolves that are based on a site called sheezyart; and possibly a connection to a manga/anime series called Vampire Knight. There's also a Zero Wolf character in the movie Apocalypto.

The ZEROWOLF designer also received some serious-sounding injuries leading up to her print, and was mentioned in an article for a TLC show called Big Hair Alaska. The designer's mom owns the salon, and the salon was responsible for Sarah Palin's hair.

So.. it could be just a huge government conspiracy. Pew pew pew.


ISAJOE might know.

opifan64 profile pic Alumni

aww, sad about zerowolf! as I recall she was in a serious tobogganing accident but was doing well recovery-wise. damn, that's a bummer her design isn't up anymore though.

againstbound profile pic Alumni

Man, with all those taken down it makes me wonder if it's still profitable to print Star Wars and Pac-Man designs. I know some of those only lasted about a week (maybe less), so they might be doing fat wads of cash from them in the first few days to keep printing stuff like that.

Lahar profile pic Alumni

I've thought about Bear, too; and read up on Her Hair because I'd gone and bought it last year without knowing there had been drama. Someone mentioned that when you're chosen, they ask if you've used any reference photos so that they might acquire the rights. Don't know if that applied to these designs, but with Bear someone pointed out the photo during the voting. In MacCat's sub, nothing is mentioned but there had been an exposing comment in the product page.

Regarding SW.. with the May the Fourth occasion, the specific newsletter, and the new and reprinted designs they put out, maybe that was enough attention that George Lucas had to reign things in. There are still a number of SW shirts in the system, and they even reprinted The Emperor two weeks ago, so I have no idea how anyone decided one reference was too much while another could stay.

jmeaspls profile pic Alumni

someone from threadstaff should come in here! i'd like to hear why some of the less obvious ones were removed and also decisions like which designs-copied-from-photos were removed, and why others weren't

where you at, threadstaff!


Number 7

There used to be something going on between Tless and Faesthetic. But there's only broken links wherever this appears, like here and it's gone from the catalog.



i would love a ZEROWOLF backpack. sigh.

soloyo profile pic Alumni

how about theI have Superpowers my mom calls tehm talentsType Tee?

Lahar profile pic Alumni

Taz, with that and the shirt, you could be awesome coming and going!

Thanks Manu and Nestor, added them..! Luckily there was a couple of blogs about the Superpowers shirt so I was able to nab the product number and thumbnail.


The threadstaff are probably like. Forbidden to enter. Upon threat of termination. O.o

westond profile pic Alumni

Oh wow there are more here than I thought would be. Interesting.

NGee profile pic Alumni

Thanks for commemorating!

Lahar profile pic Alumni

I'm glad people have taken a look! Thanks!

I added the other Faesthetics, Numbers 8 - 11.

In Manu's link there's a 12 and 13 as well but I can't find out if those had shirts.

spacesick profile pic Alumni

damn! I have that biskup/faesthetic shirt around here somewhere. I loved it, but it was a terrible fit. like short but extra wide. it was a square. I am not a square.

Lahar profile pic Alumni

I hate shirts of that fit. Just turrible.

gumbolimbo profile pic Alumni

Great blog, I had no idea all those space invader designs got removed.

And that faestetic shirt - I used to have it too but it's nowhere around the house no more. Maybe Threadless has the ability to remote-zapp-destroy any pulled shirt from wardrobes across the world.


G.Lucas is such a greedy dude =(

Lahar profile pic Alumni

Good find, and thanks, robber! Might you or anyone know the story behind the axing..?

Lahar profile pic Alumni

Man, they wiped out the 3KCM gallery. It's empty except for one girl as of right now. How'd she get to keep hers while everyone else's disappeared from individual galleries? Why get rid of them? Mine was part of my shirt history and had the Space Needle from my trip to Seattle. Without it that set of shots is just from any old hellhole.

Had to fix up the link in the list as the submission is gone.

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