Natural Foe

  • by jinshio
  • posted May 23, 2012

Watch this

homework vs dogs


Cute plump little dog! The homework seems pretty worked up, but I'm not sure his panic is warranted when the dog is just sitting there, seemingly confused. Also if the homework is running, I'd expect him to be curved backwards from wind resistance. Perhaps make the homework's shadow more rectangular?


Haha, this is pretty funny! However, I have to agree with errant. I think the dog should be a little more mischievous looking! Please don't get the wrong idea, the dog is absolutely adorable, he just may not be a great fit for this particular example. Sometimes when puppies play they put their head down low and their booty in the air when they are getting ready to pounce. I think that would be a great pose for your tee!

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Maybe the plump puppy could have some drool, like he wants to eat the paper, And i agree with some wind action on the paper


thanks a lot people :D


already vote time ago :P

haha have the idea for make it less confused thanks to all

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