[FFN] 2 SUBS waiting for your vote - 1 more day left

And they are up for voting!

After a loooong time I'm trying my luck with 2 subs for the Fast Food Nation competition.

The 1st design was created by a colage of royalty free textures and objects, photoshop editing and tweaking to give it its vintage feel and it focuses on industry artificial flavors and smells.

Here is an extract from the book to get you into the concept:

"Grainger had brought a dozen small glass bottles from the lab. As he opened each bottle, I dipped a fragrance-testing filter into it. The filters were long, white strips of paper designed to absorb aroma chemicals without producing off-notes. Before placing the strips of paper before my nose, I closed my eyes. Then I inhaled deeply, and one food after another was conjured from the glass bottles. I smelled fresh cherries, black olives, saut*ed onions and shrimp. Grainger's most remarkable creation took me by surprise. After closing my eyes, I suddenly smelled a grilled hamburger. It smelled like someone else in the room was flipping burgers on a hot grill. But when I opened my eyes, there was just a narrow strip of white paper and a smiling flavourist."

The 2nd design is my second sub for the FFN theme. On a completely different feel and concept. This one is trying to avoid any food related imagery and aims for simplicity. Might not make a great looking t-shirt but I think it does deliver the message.

Watch this
spacesick profile pic Alumni

damn that's awesome

"how'd he do dat?!"

jublin profile pic Alumni

you know what's crazy manos? the fact that i pretty much never see you here and that you only have 4 subs, yet i feel as though we are like BROTHERS!

Manos profile pic Alumni

@ jublin

brother I find you again!

Manos profile pic Alumni

added second sub.

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

simply stunning!
Your manipulation skills are second to none. That first image is such a strong graphic! Awesome!!
And the second one is pure simplicity, and you know simple ideas speak volumes!
Bravo, and welcome back brother.

Bramish profile pic Alumni

Both turned out great Manos

Manos profile pic Alumni

thanks eskimo - your words just put a smile on my face. it nice to be back. ;)


that's beautiful. i especially like the green/blue version

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

you've made me want to open up photoshop download some royalty free stock and fiddle around again.

Jonny Freedom

both of those are great, very original and a nice break from the FWF subs!
You should be pleased Manos! :)

ysy101 profile pic Alumni

MMmm, I love smelling like grease perfume :) Very cool

label profile pic Alumni

Ohhh my freaking goooood I give up.
Give this man his money!
End this contest now... there is really no point.


le_hell profile pic Alumni

both are amazing man!

stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

That second one is pretty neat as well dude

steven218 profile pic Alumni

i'm so chuffed you kept going with the smells one, it's great - $5

Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Alumni

very clever!

Manos profile pic Alumni

Thanx for the kind words guys - I'm waiting patiently now for the confirmation email so they can go on for voting.

Manos profile pic Alumni

Up for voting lads!

Manos profile pic Alumni

bump boing!

BlameTheSuburbs profile pic Alumni

where is supermandolini!!! I've been trying to buy your poster for like 8 months.

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

further proof you don't need 5 colours for a killer tee graphic

sonmi profile pic Alumni

such awesome concepts, the both of them

Manos profile pic Alumni


Thank you for the comments and votes guys.
Keep them coming.

ysy101 profile pic Alumni

I voted for them...I think I have them 5s but I'm not sure...probably did, though.


oh i almost missed these!

Manos profile pic Alumni

^^ i hope it is a $5 missus.

Manos profile pic Alumni

1 more day to finish voting.
please give your vote if you haven't already :)
thank you

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