Just starting out...

<del>:P I'm new, lol. I can't really post anything until I have some sort of money account. Unfortunately this is going to take a while because there's a list of things that require time. Shamefully I still need my State ID [sooo not my fault], but before I can get that, I need a copy of my birth certificate. After I get those things [which takes a few weeks to receive them to add to the mess] I can set up a bank account AND THEEEN I can get an actual checking card... Which will also take a few weeks for me to receive.
SO YEAH, I'm screwed until then. But until that time, I hope to become very social here :).<del>

[Sorry for my personal vomit, up there ^^^]

  • <del>Though I don't know how 'receiving' money works on here.<del>

NEVER MIND. Lol, we're good to go! </del></del></del></del>

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