a cracked and broken mind

for quick fun, not for excellence

Watch this

I like it. I would definitely think about buying it if it got printed. It looks like something that could be sold at Zumiez or some store like that.


dude, this might be one of my favorites of yours so far!

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

holy shit dude! That's rad.

sorry about the Global Warming blog a couple of days ago btw. haha

I was totally with you on Cookies N' Creme at the end though.


with you, the line between excellence and quick fun is obviously hard for others to follow

spires profile pic Alumni

Stuff like this comes too easily and naturally for me to feel as though I've excelled. If you find it excellent, I'm open to correction!

No problem jpiatt, I'm sorry for coming across initially like a victim. Should have been more clear. Cookies and cream for LYFE


sometimes quick fun=excellence!!

the czar

Like just that dab of yellow you have in there

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