the truth about stonehenge

  • by mayotobo
  • posted May 14, 2012

Watch this

a friend gave me the idea and I thought I'd give it ago. any help is appreciated. cheers :)

Joshua Smeaton

This is great. I think you'll do well with this. The only thing that looked a little odd to me was the very top ledge the way it hangs out over to the back right.

If you've got a minute please check mine out. Happy Little Tardises


I like it, but I'm going to agree with that other comment. The one is overhanging, and I'd spend the whole time like "it's going to fall over on it's own!"


shortened the overhanging ledge on the top and centered it more


added some undergrowth to fill it out a little. what do you guys think?


The idea is awesome! But a close up would help to see the details :)


put a close up in the pic as requested. :)


This is so awesome idea! However, graphic representation could be lot better IMHO. It looks like you just cut the images from the game and place it into your design. It definitely makes your chances smaller. Try to depict it in your way and make association with it not a original graphics. Also get rid of unnecesary things like the section of the ground. It isn't neccesar to present your idea and it's distracting viewer's attention from the main topic.


in other words minimalize...cheers dude


slightly minimalised and added text

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