Beware Zombie Giraffes

  • by Greeegle
  • posted May 13, 2012

Watch this

This is the basic design for Beware Zombie Giraffes tee, this tee lets people know that the undead is not limited to humans and that you cant hide from zombies in trees!


it looks to me like you have set this on a kids tee and i think that something as child-friendly as a giraffe becoming something as child unfriendly as a zombie and dripping blood from its mouth might be crossing a fact probably is. as far as the design itself, i feel like you need some decay


I think that's really cool, definitely too scary for kids though!

If you get a chance could you take a look at mine?


Cheers for all the feedback, it's not supposed to be a kids tee tho. I will look at realism and decay ideas, thanks again

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