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MCB Design

For obvious Humor purposes, and it's also a little bit of a critique on how sugar/fat has been killing our youngest citizens lately and not enough people seem to care.

MCB Design

added textures and slight lighting effects

MCB Design

What do you guys think? Been 16 hours and no critique

MCB Design

Is this too morbid for threadless?

MCB Design

I'm trying to figure out how to do that link again...


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The design is well done. No doubting your ability or anything but I think you may have copyright issues with the Kool Aid folks.


I'm not really sure I get it. I mean, I remember the kool-aid commercials and the 'Oh yea!' part, but is that a dead person inside? I feel like this shirt needs a little more clarification.

I do love the worn look of your tee and the kool-aid man, and enjoy the red on red colors you've chosen.

If you have time, please vote on my shirt too!

Flip the Bird

MCB Design

YA I am worried about the whole copyright thing. I have seen a bunch of Star Wars themed shirts on threadless and apparently if they have some sort of critique on the company/movie whatever you can get away with it. Maybe change the koolaid guy to make it more original?


it is a little morbid. i'm not sure what the message is. kool aid will kill you? sugar is bad? the kool aid man is evil? i did once puke up red kool aid when i was little. bleh.

the art is great; as is the color scheme and design. I'd say work on your message and you've got something!

of you have a moment, i could use some comments on my design that's up for scoring: Do as me say, Not as me do

MCB Design

Hey guys, I looked up the copyright info for threadless for convenience. let me know if you think this is "FAIR USE"


Parody is also considered one of the “fair use” defenses. Parody, in the eyes of the law, is applicable when the new work calls to mind the original work (the original author’s design or trademark) and criticizes or ridicules the message of that original work or trademark. There is a common misperception in the blogs that Parody and Satire are the same thing. Satire is different in that a satire piece (new work) uses the original work as a mere vehicle to criticize something else. The fine line distinction here is that the parody creates more of a new original work that could stand alone whereas the satire is reusing the original without any substantial change and thus not falling under the aforementioned fair use factors.

That being said, while parody can be deemed a fair use in certain situations – that is by no means an absolute truth that all parodies constitute a fair use. This is a very complicated area of law and many courts interpret the fair use factors differently. As always, when in doubt you should consult an attorney if you are unsure.

When considering submitting a design, you should ask yourself the following questions regarding your design and if it would qualify as a parody:

What is the original work? What is the message of the original work – what does it stand for? Does my design criticize or ridicule the message of the original work? If the new work is funny but in a way that makes no commentary on the message of the original work, it will probably not be considered a parody. The perception of some type of perceived social commentary or criticism is the key.

Finally, you must always be cognitive of the fact that this is a commercial enterprise – this fact alone will make a copyright/trademark holder and a reviewing court put extra scrutiny on the submitted design when applying the fair use factors.


I like it, but im not sure about the lack of detail in the koolair compared to the detailed body.

Also you could do X_X in his eyes to make it more obvious he was dead, or have his tounge out maybe


HA thats great no complaints here i think it looks great!

MCB Design

Made some small changes, I changed the eye to a X to emphasize that he is dead. I also made some subtle texture changes. Do you guys think that this would be threadless safe if the boy were drowning instead of floating dead?

MCB Design

Made some small changes, I changed the eye to a X to emphasize that he is dead. I also change the expression on the Kool-Aid guy. Do you guys think that this would be threadless safe if the boy were drowning instead of floating dead?

Sub Atomic Mash

I lied the original eyes and the fact that there closed is better, I don't think you need to insinuate anything really. I mean they could just be asleep or even just in a haze. I really like the texture overlay, looks cool and vintage. How do you do it?


I like it! I think you are ready for submission, because the art is very cool and the idea is funny! Good job and thanks for your comment to my last critique...


I like this design a lot, and think you've made good improvements. The angry face on Kool-Aid man is perfect! I'm wondering if it might be funnier if it said "OH NO!" with all of the art the same as you have it now. Just food for thought, I think you've got a good one here. :)

MCB Design

Thanks guys I appreciate it. Anytime I'd be glad to give an opinion.


I like it, very nice concept. It's bringing to life what I'm always telling everyone else. The Kool-aid man is plotting the demise of the children he talks to.

I think it's ready for submission. :D

Thanks for giving feed back on my design.

MCB Design

I was trying to make a comedic approach to the rising obesity rates for the past few decades. This is no small part due to the sugary drinks many of us enjoy. Most people seem to simply not care or even realize it's happening which is why the juice bowl (who is alluding to the Kool-Aid Guy) is oblivious to the fact that there is someone dead inside of him.

MCB Design

Threadless keeps declining my submission for tiny reasons

MCB Design

uh... its' already up for voting. You should look at the copyright laws at threadless. If it is a critique on a trademark it will be fine, which this is. A satire piece would not work, which would be something that uses the trademark such as maybe Star Wars, to simply gain popularity through the trademark. This is clearly a critique so it works, and as I said before, threadless has put it up for voting so they feel that way too. Thanks for trying.

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