Hey look, I'm blogging on Threadless

Am I doing this right???

Watch this

Is my butthole wide open?


Hi. :)

Are you enjoying hockey play-off time?

Steve The Great

I'm enjoying playoffs, Twig :) this is the most playoffs I've ever been a part of since the,well, '09. but before that it was a long ass time.


The East coast semis are super exciting, they've been really fun to watch

Steve The Great

I've only been watching the Caps' series. ._.


I've been watching the Caps/Rangers and also the Devils/Flyers

Caught the Kings/Blues game yesterday, but it was pretty one-sided :/

Hoping we'll get an NHL team here soon - there's talk of building a new arena for basketball and hockey finners crossed

Steve The Great

sucks about the Sonics being real good now, btw. Durant is probably my favorite NBA player.


I know, right??

Seattle teams are notorious for losing players and then they go out and become great - OR vice versa, we obtain someone amazing and then they turn lousy, lol

Thank God we have an awesome soccer team that hasn't seemed to be cursed like that YET *knock on wood


I have a question: why does that Pierre announcer guy sometimes have an orange face?

ir0cko profile pic Alumni


the czar

Fuck the Rangers!!!


Cool blog man


Fucking Cpaitals, man.

Yeah, disappointing :(

Still waiting to hear back on the orange face guy...


Oh and sorry I ruined the blog with sports talk

But ruining blogs is what I do :)


Yo Steve, I clicked on your photography website. I really like what you are doing. Immersion geology is super fly, you're so cool. Are you currently working any projects. Also, did not know you live in Baltimore. Crazy. My mind is blown.

Steve The Great

Hey Cristie! Thanks, I've been working on Immersion Geology but I don't know what to do with it anymore. How are you?


Steve, you the great. All is well, just good times. Haha, it's whatever you make of it. Just don't think about it and see, ya know?

Hope all goes well!!

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