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I submitted this a couple of years ago and had messed up the shadows I fixed them and thought I would give this design another shot. let me know what you think


the concept is great, i don't think you need the crying keytar though, if you just have the angry guitars looking at the viewer that might be enough

anthony dobberfuhl

you might just want to have the keytar on a rack or shelf collecting dust instead with all the mean guitars up front and center. its a great design though!

if you could take a second to look at my critiques i would be grateful! I Heart Fancy Moustache I Heart Music


I don't want to say that the headstock on the left guitar is wrong but it would be very unusual to be made that way. It looks like your going for this kind of headstock: http://www.elderly.com/vintage/items/images/30U/30U-14381_headstock-front.jpg and the spacing of the tuners is obviously different, the headstock relative to the guitar should probably smaller too. The V's headstock doesn't make perfect sense the way you made it but that is not nearly as noticeable. I am a guitarist and I usually take notice of how cartoon guitars are made, and although most will not go to great lengths to be accurate like the show Metalocolypse, but considering how far you've already gone I would think you'd want to fix that. Also, since it would be easy, I would lose some of the dots on the fret boards. Also, the black keys of a piano/keytar lay between the white keys not over the white keys directly. Hope this helps.


Yeah I also think it may be better without the Keytar


I fixed the head stocks and took the big tears off of the keytar. I am not sure if that makes a huge difference to everyone but I will try to make up another one with out the keytar. I really appreciate your feed back please keep it coming.


haha funny. the shadows make it difficult to understand what is happening at first


i think you should make the shadow a lil bit lighter..

I AM Avatars

Cool idea* Love the facial expressions on the guitars. I agree with viograpiks about the shadow. It shines through the keyboard due to opacity. Personally I would minimize the shadow to a mere thick out-line at the bottom of the guitars and the key-board, too.

I AM Avatars

....,or nuge them .... just a thought ....


cool, I think the shadow could also be changed when it goes on top of the keytar, I don't mean color, I mean the shape of the shadow should change adapting to the volume and shape of the keytar, u know what I mean? also the guitar to the right could have a meaner look, maybe the eyes area bit too open.


I fixed the shadows and added a sidewalk so they were no longer floating. let me know what you think. I think that it looks better on the shirt than just in the drawing so click the guitar that says shirt and tell me what you think.


The side walk really brings out the texture of th instruments. You really captured some good personalitys on the instruments as well. It looks great!

I AM Avatars

Looks a lot better. I like the idea with the sidewalk. Now, how would that be printed on the Tee? I am seeing this image as a long rectangle from top to buttom on a different color Tee, other than the same blue as the sidewalk, maybe white, black, or dark grey? Even a cream-color Tee, or a vanilla yellow. Just a thought, since in my opinion it would enhance the long shape of a sidewalk. What do you think Rhodescholar?


i love the faces! great expressions!
i think you might be over the 8-color limit. :-(
the image is a little boxy on the shirt--the background lines just sort of end at the top. is there something you could do to make it not so abrupt?

if you have a moment, i could use some comments on my design that's up for scoring: Do as me say, Not as me do


When I first saw this, I thought "bully guitars". I didn't see the humor of it until I read the title. Just throwing that out there, since other people seeing the shirt but not the title might be in the same boat.

I like the addition of the sidewalk and the new shadows.

I think it's a little odd that the guitars can stand up by themselves, but the keytar is laying on the ground (unless he'd just been beaten, but I don't see any evidence of that...though if you wanted to incorporate a beat-down, you could have some keys/teeth laying on the sidewalk). Also, with all the faces looking forward, it kind of looks like the keytar has his back to the guitars.

Nice job giving all the instruments unique personalities!


It definitely looks better with the sidewalk and the shadows aren't overwhelming as before. Great improvements! I really like how each guitar is so unique too.


I have a couple of Shirt Color Options that I would like feedback on. Please let me know what you think. I also tried to mess with the sidewalk so it was not so square looking


Oh no. He never had a chance. Good thing the keytar is making a comeback. What method of printing are you going for, on this? Because, I worry that the detail on the strings could be lost.

This is where I am, at the moment.


I haven't thought of the type of printing what would you recommend?


I like the shirt best of grey and after you figure out how to print it (I'd offer advice, but I have none to give on that matter), I think it should be submitted!

If you get a chance, please check mine out and let me know what you think! To Have and To Hold


I think that I am going to take this version to submission. I would love your support for the shirt and thanks for all of your comments and critiques

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