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Like a sir, gentleman's lip balm.


Got rid of the like a sir, added some color. Thinking about adding a shadow.


Perspective better on this version. I think you might want to make the whole thing look a little more vintage. I almost want it to look like something that could have been on the Titanic, which would mean different colors and teasing the shape a little bit, i.e. less curvy. Think of an old style pipe. Also I think chap-stick is a registered trademark not a generic name although it is used like one.


2nd version looks better I have no idea about copywright issues I am not sure if they would have a problem with that. I think the moustache could stand to be bigger.

I would appreciate your feedback on mine: I Play A Mean Guitar


Old Timey looking version, let me know what you guys think!


YES. Loving it. Again chap-stick is a trademarked name so threadless might reject it for that -- I would just change it to something similar. "Chap's stick" would play off the name and the whole british gentleman thing.


this is great! nice idea, great execution. I do think its a little big on the shirt. Would it be too small if it was chap-stick sized?

if you have a moment, my design is up for scoring (I could use some comments, too!): Do as me say, Not as me do


I love this design, it's very clever. I think with the suggested name change you'll have it!


The texture really made a big difference, how did you do that? it looks so much better! Also it was a good call to get rid of the text... just follow the good advices from ohiosierra and I think it´s ready,,, good luck!

if u have a minute please help me out with my design :)

dang!! I have a cyborg girl in my chest!


Thanks for all of the Input! Going to submit this version! :D

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