plagiarism wit photoshop/illustrator

now i appreciate a ton of the artwork on here. however, i find i appreciate most the artwork that is 100% the work of the artist posting it. ive been rating some of the design challenges and i find that some of the contributors are being accused of plagiarism because they took an image anyone could find with a regular google search, did some photoshop/illustrator magic on it, and submitted it as their own. now some of this stuff looks really amazing but some of the comments made me think, "is this really their own artwork?"

now its different if you use the online picture as a reference, i guess. i mean its sort of like painting a portrait from a picture taken. but still im just more impressed if someone used references but created something that is entirely theirs, even if it doesnt look as nice as the photoshopped image. NOT to knock on photoshop/illustrator at all (im actually hoping to learn to use these myself very soon) but if it's doing most of the work for you (meaning you are using an image that you yourself did not create) then where is the originality? the creativity?

i just think photoshop/illustrator should be used to enhance/alter/whatever your OWN art, not someone else's. no?

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Anything is an art if you make it an art. The creativity comes from creating something new, whether or not your starting point was something you thought of or not. People try to quantify art based on effort and originality, but nothing is original, and effort can't be measured. Even a landscape artist is just copying something that was already there. So, like I said, it's about making something new, and when you fail to do so and it's your own idea it's just lazy or boring, and when you fail to do so when you're building off from something else its just theft.


exactly. i checked out some of your artwork and i think your "Vitruvianspector" is the perfect example of what you're talking about. you were clearly inspired by the "Vitruvian Man" but u took the piece, and completely made it your own in a very creative way (sorry if you mind me bringing up your work on this blog btw).

i think you said it better than i did when you said its about "making something new". to me, copying an image from the internet, placing it in photoshop and clicking a button to alter it a bit isnt creating something new. and passing it as your own work is just stealing.

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