The inaugural Siricha Challenge

The kind of question that's only born in the late hours of a coding binge: Does Siricha make everything taste better?

After a quick run to Jewel for supplies, the order of the challengers was set:

When the random number is 42, you know it's going to be a good day.

First up was Scott, who chose mango, which seemed like a safe choice:

"Absolutely foul"
And a terrible start to our plan.

Dan was next. not only making a brave choice with applesauce, but saturating it:

"It has the same effect as Cinnamon. I'd eat it again, but with less Siricha"

Next was Shaun, with a chocolate-covered, creme filled donut:

"This is so good!"

Easily the best food of the challenge, Shaun went back for seconds:

Betsy crashed our tech-only party to try the mango/Siricha combo:

"Not bad."

I was next, and I had been eyeing the yogurt with Oreo:

It tasted like an Indian dessert. Really, really good.

Down to the dregs, Isaac went for the generic frosted wheat cereal:

It's like I'm making sushi

"Crunchy with a curious mix of satisfying sweetness and arousing spice."

And finally, fittingly, our newest techie, AJ, went last, stuck with the dreaded "Gel" cup:

"Are you sure you took the plastic film off?"

"No. No. No."

The takeaway? Siricha tastes good on anything that doesn't contain fruit. Tell your friends.

We're looking for food items for the next challenge. Drop some ideas in the comments.

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speedyjvw profile pic Alumni

Craig does not approve

cshimala profile pic Staff

I knew I should've gotten out of the way


Fried Greenbeans w/ Sriracha Aioli

SuperRyan profile pic Alumni

you people are crazy

oreo yogurt? blah

Musarter profile pic Alumni

It does make almost everything better. Things it probably not improve: Coffee Peanut Butter chocolate milk

I find it hard to believe it improved yogurt and Oreo.


I bet it works on peanut butter or something that uses peanut butter Do it, do it.

Do it.

Bramish profile pic Alumni

What's siricha? Is it a hot sauce?


Yes, its Thai hot sauce. Made from the blood of roosters. :l

sonmi profile pic Alumni

weird, i would figure mango and sriracha to be good, considering there's mango and chili/salt/lime combos.


Sriracha on a donut was delicious! I can't wait for the next challenge.


Musarter on May 3, 2012 at 12:56:34

It does make almost everything better. Things it probably not improve: Coffee Peanut Butter chocolate milk I find it hard to believe it improved yogurt and Oreo.

Actually, spicy Thai peanut butter is pretty incredible. You can occasionally find good restaurants that use it in sandwiches. I'm willing to bet sriracha and and a decent peanut butter would be a great combo. =]


Craig's face. Priceless.

Musarter profile pic Alumni

Yes, I may be wrong with peanut butter. I did not consider how peanuts are used in many Asian foods including Thai.


Sriracha on Sriracha on Sriracha!


I am very sad the downstairs was not included in the challenge. We have taffy and jelly beans. Next time!


Kim, you better be careful, that Malort could be yours to shoot.

I bet it tastes like a more delicious Prairie Fire.

Wylie Knowords

Why did I make 42 spicy Sriracha chicken wings? Because I love hot food and I felt bad that I don't know how to code "yet" ...wanted to Thai one on. Hot sauce burns fat. Unique taste.


Im pretty sure this is nothing new but sfiacha on pizza is delicious.

ir0cko profile pic Alumni

Sriracha everything!

sleepyfeet posted this on fb a couple days ago. You guys should order some!

Sriracha Lollipops!


i LOVE disapproving craig


Craig disapproves of disapproving Craig


I mix Sriracha into a cup of Chobani mango yogurt and then put it on fish tacos for a spicy mango sause. It's delicious!

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