The Groucho Marx(ist)

  • by spago72
  • posted May 02, 2012

Watch this

Hi, guys! What do you think about my design?? Thanks for your comments and help!!


Nobody for a comment????


LOL that is so AWESOME! submit it man!


Nice. I think "Marxist" should be together on the same line if you're going to have the text.

I'd appreciate any input on my WIP Tiger Uppercut.


I agree. the red "ist" is more than enough to separate it from the rest - putting it on another line in a different color makes it seem completely unconnected. I do love the idea, though. A very clever pun.

Please, rate and comment!(all new versions!) X-Wing Pluto: What Really Happened Tardis Blue


Thanks everybody! I'm going to put a new version with the "Marxist" on the same line with the "ist" part red...!


ahahaha, submit it!!!


yeap! agree with the "marxist" on the same line... or maybe it would look good to put the baseline of the text on a semicircle below the design, just an idea...

if u have a minute please help me out with my design :)

dang!! I have a cyborg girl in my chest!

MCB Design

Good Lord submit. I love the Marx brothers, I'm surprised they are still relavent on threadless.

Voice your opinion if you have the time.



New version of my design! What do you think? Which do you prefer? Thanks everybody!!


Cool design! Version 2 definitely works better.

If you get a chance... I know you're probably fed up with people saying this but you know how it goes... please have a look at mine :)

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