I like always buy guy's small (even though I'm a girl) because I can wear the shirts to work out but I love this one in pink better than blue (for some odd reason). So what's the closest equivalent of a guys small to a girly size?

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Large? I dont know, I wear either a guys small or a girly medium, but they're much different and there's a lot of shrinking on one and some stretching on the other. I imagine a Large or Extra large would work, but the fir will be different.


If it is for working out I would get an extra large


fir = fit. I imagine any trees involved would also differ, but I can't say for sure.


Eh.. I don't think I want all my shirts to be workout shirts. Haha.
Well if there's a lot of shrinking and stretching on the girly medium.. then I guess large'll work? Haha. Thank you!


No, I shrink the boys and the ta tas stretch the mediums. There you go.


You'd be fine with a Girly M or a L. I like to buy Guys smalls sometimes and I fit snugly in a M and comfortably in a L.


I like to buy guys small because the lower 6 inches of my torso also enjoys clothing, thanks.

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hadley said, "ta tas"

thank you, starr, for your brilliant commentary.


Hmm.. I guess I could go either or with the M or L.


Wow thanks for the link! Very helpful.

I think L will work perfectly. :)


handy link!!

I buy guys small if there is no girls medium or if i dont like the girls colours. I like the fit of the girls mediums, but i can't always wear them with some pairs of jeans cos i dont want the whole world to see my ass. I can wear still threadless with low rise and slightly higher rise jeans - altho i do like that the girls mediums arent too short, as my mid riff needs to stay clothed! I think it also helps that i am short so they're both a nice length.

long post - saying not alot.

I'd say prob a girls large would be a guys small. but maybe an XL to be on the safe side as the fit of the girls is different innit

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