unfortunate placement makes me sad

finally reprinted!

but then i noticed... unfortunate placement of bike tires and infinity symbols on the girls' shirt, dependent on the size and shape of the girl. darnit! this happened to me with missing piece too. unfortunate. so unfortunate!

overall - still LOVE this design and am considering purchasing it for all my male friends who enjoy their bicycles as much as i do. and i'm very sad that i'm not getting it for myself, but the unfortunate placement is just too... unfortunate.


Watch this

Le tear, you have boobies.

All of the guys complain about every shirt that they perceive or have perceived for them with a phallus, and girls complain about shirts that seem to highlight their breasts. Damn Freud!


i don't know why you wouldn't want to highlight your boobs. if you got 'em, work 'em. if only they made dickpants that suited me . . .


If you check the gallery, on all the girls with big boobs the design sits up above. I think you would be safe


you are looking waayyyy too much into it. it looks like a bike on a shirt.


I think you have a valid concern.


Please stop saying "unfortunate".


I was going to mention that as well, Klayr. Use a thesaurus next time you post, please.


I have that problem with this shirt....the wheels are right over my boobs. I don't wear it much because of that.

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