Traveling The World, One Tee Shirt At A Time!

When traveling, it helps to travel light and lets face it. There is always comfort in a tee shirt. I have traveled a bit in my day and recently I find myself looking on Threadless every time I plan a trip. It's as if I want to express who I am or what I am about through tee shirts. For instance, I am going to Alaska in June. Therefore I will be looking for tees with whales, bears, fish and maybe even an Alaskan! I really enjoy the hunt of a great t shirt that will go with the territory that I am about to experience. I will be going to NYC this weekend along with my collection of planes and skyscraper tees. I am excited to stand out in the swarm of people, the bright pops of my colorful tees will inspire others. If you travel with your heart, the T shirts will follow!

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